Cuba in UN

Fidel Castro & Human Rights/ First statement at the UN General Assembly, September 26th 1960.

(...) The right of peasants to the land; the right of workers to the fruit of their labor, the right of children to education; the right of the ill to medical and hospital attention; the right of youth to work; the right of students to free, experimental, and scientific education; the right of black people and Indians to "the full dignity of man"; the right of women to civil, social and political equality; the right of the elderly to secure old-age; the right of intellectuals, artists, and scientists to fight, with their works, for a better world; State’s rights to the nationalization of im

#LegadodeFidel: Fidel Castro & Human Rights/ Excerpts/ Statement at session of the UN General Assembly to commemorate the 50th anniverssary of the United Nations Organization, 22 October 1995.

(…) ¿How long will we have to wait for the true democratization of the United Nations, independence and the sovereign equality of States, the non-interference in their internal affairs and true international cooperation? ¿How long will we have to wait for rationality, equity and justice in the world? (…)