Cuba in UN

Cuba states how US blockade limits Cuba's access to commodity markets.

New York, 15 May 2019.During the informal interactive dialogue on commodity markets, held at the headquarters of the United Nations, Ambassador Ana Silvia Rodriguez Abascal, Deputy Permanent Representative, called for transforming the unjust international economic order and the existing unequal relations of production and trade; as well as eliminating barriers, obstacles and unilateral measures in the framework of trade, finance and

The Helms-Burton is not applicable in Cuba.

Havana, May 10, 2019."The Helms-Burton Act is not applicable in Cuba; in the first place, because it is a law of the United States and therefore its jurisdiction, its range of action, is the United States. No sovereign country that respects itself would allow the extraterritorial application of a U.S. law in its territory. In addition, in our case, Cuba has a law approved in 1996 that declares the Helms-Burton Act null and void."

Cuba is elected to the executive boards of three subsidiary bodies of ECOSOC by overwhelming majority.

New York, 8 May 2019. Cuba was elected by overwhelming majority to the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) Executive Board from 2020 to 2022; to the World Food Program (WFP) Executive Board from 2020 to 2022; and to the Commission for Social Development from 2020 to 2024. The three agencies are subsidiary bodies of the United Nations Economic and Social Council, which is also known by ECOSOC, its English abbreviation.