Cuba in UN

Statement by H.E. Mr. Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, President of the Republic of Cuba, at the United Nations high level meeting to celebrate and promote the International Day for the complete elimination of nuclear weapons. New York, September 26, 2018.

Mr. President;

Mr. Secretary General;

Distinguished Heads of Delegations;

Delegates all;

It is said that when the eminent physicist Albert Einstein was asked with what weapons a hypothetical Third War would be fought, he answered that he only knew that the Fourth would be fought with sticks and stones.

Cuba's President Holds Meeting with UN Secretary-General

New York, September 26, 2018. Cuba's President Miguel Diaz-Canel held a meeting  today with UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, who recently visited the island for the ECLAC meeting.

Upon returning from the 37th Session of the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean, the head of the United Nations told about Cuba's positive commitment to the reforms promoted in his mandate and described his participation in that regard as very useful.

The blockade violates the right of the Cuban people to quality health care.

New York, September 25, 2018. Since the inception of the policy of harassment and blockade by the US government towards Cuba, its people and its Revolution, a line of action aimed at limiting access to food and medicine has been present, with the objective of forcing the Cuban people into surrender through hunger and disease. However, one of the priorities of the Cuban government has always been to guarantee the welfare of its population, including universal free health care as an inviolable principle.