73 UNGA: Statement by Cuba at the thematic meeting on the working methods of the General Assembly held within the framework of the Ad Hoc Working Group on the Revitalization of the General Assembly New York, 27 March, 2019.


Cuba endorses the statement by the delegation of Algeria on behalf of the Non-Aligned Movement.

We have noted the efforts of some Main Committee Bureaus, to share among them useful experiences for their working methods.

Although we consider that this exchange has improved in relation to previous years, this has not been the case among the bureaus and the membership of the full committees, which is, in our view, the first step to follow in order to achieve an effective improvement of the working methods.

It is also of vital importance that the exchanges among the bureaus of the Main Committees be made public by the Member States; a summary of the main elements addressed in such meetings would be very useful.


In addressing the issue of working methods, we should first analyze, as Member States, how we contribute or not to the effectiveness and efficiency of the General Assembly and its Main Committees, by fully respecting and implementing the regulations and resolutions relating to its functioning.

For Cuba, full respect for the UN Charter as well as for the rules of procedure of its main organs is a priority, as well as a shared responsibility among all the members of the Organization and the Secretariat.

The review of the working methods of the General Assembly and its Main Committees is a process driven by Member States, which should, as appropriate, engage in substantive debates to exchange and propose ideas on the matter.

The mandates and functions of the General Assembly and its Main Committees must be respected. Revitalizing or rationalizing work should not lead to reinterpreting such mandates.


Previously, our delegation has expressed its interest in maintaining the beginning of the session of the General Assembly as established by the rules of procedure of that Organ. We are aware of the interest expressed by other Member States to explore a change in this regard, taking into account the difficulties that the Presidency of the General Assembly faces in organizing the general debate and other high-level events.

We have studied the report submitted by the Secretary-General on the possible alternative dates for the beginning of the regular session of the General Assembly.

We consider that even though the information submitted offers a preliminary outline of the implications of each of the options, it does not allow a comprehensive analysis and therefore an action on the matter during the current session.

The impact on the change of the opening date of the beginning of the session affects not only the work of the Organization, but the planning and budgets of our Governments. For this reason it must be debated in a broad, transparent manner and without forcing a decision.

To conclude, we reiterate Cuba's support for the revitalization process of the General Assembly, as well as for the work of the Co-Chairs of this Working Group.

Thank you very much.