72 UNGA: Statement delivered by the Cuban Delegation at the Special Committee on the Charter of the United Nations and on the strengthening of the role of the organization. New York, 20 February 2018.

Mr. Chairman,

Cuba associates itself with the statement delivered by the Islamic Republic of Iran on behalf of NAM and by El Salvador on behalf of CELAC.

We also welcome the presentation of the Secretary-General's reports and strongly support the work of the Special Committee on the Charter and its agenda. In this regard, we are pleased to have worked together with the Chair of the Committee and Member States to actively contribute to promoting and fulfilling the mandate of General Assembly Resolution 3349 (XXIX), from which this Committee emerged.

The importance of this mandate and of the work carried out is confirmed in an international context where some countries repeatedly attempt to impose reinterpretations of the principles and purposes of the United Nations Charter in order to embrace interventionist and interfering political agendas, to the detriment of the integrity and sovereignty of the developing countries.

Fostering respect for the Charter of the United Nations is vitally important; as well as the preservation and strengthening of the leading role of the General Assembly as the principal regulatory, deliberative, policy-making and representative organ of the United Nations.

This Special Committee is the enabling environment to negotiate any amendments to the Charter of the United Nations, including those arising from the ongoing reform process of the Organization. It is the framework for proposing recommendations to implementing all the provisions contained in the Charter and ensuring that all Member States and organs of the United Nations act in accordance with its principles and purposes.

Accordingly, the Special Committee on the Charter, in line with its mandate to strengthen the role of the Organization, should be open to inclusive and transparent debate on any proposed resolution, decision or action by United Nations bodies when having implications for compliance with and implementation of the Charter.

Mr. Chairman,                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Our delegation highlights as a positive aspect of the Committee's work, the briefing held last year under agenda item "Report of the Secretary-General on the implementation of Charter provisions related to assistance to third States affected by the application of sanctions under chapter VII". The said briefing allowed the members of the Committee to receive an update on the subject and be able to exchange views on this matter. These types of practices are very useful and contribute to improving the transparency and credibility of the Organization's work.

Mr. Chairman,

Despite the Committee's efforts and the clear willingness of many Member States to move forward, continued attempts to hamper its work have prevented the adoption of valuable documents to govern and strengthen the work of the United Nations. Such is the case of the proposals submitted by the Russian delegation. In this regard, Cuba believes that the proposals presented to the Committee deserve to be discussed and, to this end, we will continue to make constructive contributions to our work.

These debates help in determining the importance of the work of this Committee in preserving and fulfilling the purposes of this Organization. We therefore oppose the biennialization or reduction of the Committee's working time and agenda, as it remains relevant. In this regard, we thank the delegations of Venezuela, Belarus, Russia, Libya and Ghana for their concrete contributions to the work of the Committee.

In previous sessions of this organ, Cuba presented a proposal under item "Maintenance of International Peace and Security". We reiterate the full validity of this document and invite all interested delegations to submit comments and suggestions in order to make any adjustments to our proposal that might be required and further facilitate consensus.

We also support the proposal submitted by NAM to the Committee for consideration of a draft resolution under item "Peaceful Settlement of Disputes", which we consider to be of unquestionable value in the current international situation, marked by serious threats to global peace and security.

On this subject, at the last session, the Special Committee agreed to hold an annual thematic debate on "Peaceful Settlement of Disputes" to review the means established for such purposes, in accordance with Chapter VI of the Charter of the United Nations, including in particular those contained in Article 33. It was also agreed that the thematic debate would focus on the exchange of information on State practice with respect to the use of negotiation and investigation.

In this regard, we encourage delegations to continue developing frank and necessary discussions to have a direct impact on the strengthening of the Organization and the peaceful settlement of international conflicts.

We further believe that the contributions and materials collected during this process would provide valuable documentary basis, Their  publication on the Committee's website, as agreed under paragraph 6 b) of Resolution 72/118, would be very useful and contribute to the more efficient and effective use of such peaceful means among Member States.

Finally, we hope that the constructive spirit of all Member States in expressing their views and advancing our work will prevail during this session.

To conclude, the delegation of Cuba wishes to thank the Chairman of the Committee for the excellent conduct of our work.

Thank you very much