72 UNGA: Statement by Cuba at the Tenth Emergency Special Session of General Assembly on "Illegal Israeli actions in occupied East Jerusalem and the rest of the occupied Palestinian territory". New York, 21 December 2017.

Mr. President,

Cuba fully endorses the statement delivered by the delegation of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela on behalf of the Non-Aligned Movement.

We also support the statements delivered by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkey on behalf of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and the delegation of Yemen on behalf of the Arab Group.

Mr. President,

Cuba's position on the issue that brings us together is firm and has been clearly stated in the "Declaration of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cuba on the recognition by the United States of the city of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel," issued on December 6, 2017. In this regard:

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cuba expresses its deepest concern and rejection of the US president's unilateral declaration of the city of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, which is a serious and flagrant violation of the UN Charter, of international law and of the relevant UN resolutions.

This intention of the United States Government to change Jerusalem's historic status undermines the legitimate interests of the Palestinian people and of the Arab and Islamic nations, will have serious consequences for stability and security in the Middle East, will further exacerbate the tensions in the region and will hinder any effort to resume Israeli-Palestinian peace talks.

Cuba calls on the Security Council to fulfill its responsibility under the UN Charter in maintaining international peace and security, to take the necessary decisions and to demand from Israel an immediate end to its occupation of the Palestinian territories, its aggressive policies and colonizing practices, and to comply with the UN resolutions on the situation in the Middle East, including the Palestinian question.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs reiterates that Cuba will continue to support a comprehensive, just and lasting solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, on the basis of a two-State solution to realize the right of the Palestinians to self-determination and to have an independent sovereign state, with its capital in East Jerusalem and its pre-1967 borders”.

To conclude, I would just like to add that, consistent with its historic principled position on this matter, Cuba has joined the co-sponsors of the draft resolution contained in document A/ES-10/L-22 entitled "Statute of Jerusalem" and will vote in favor.

Thank you very much