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Football ace Cristiano Ronaldo signs jerseys for Cuban doctors

Members of the Henry Reeve brigade fighting COVID-19 in Turin received jerseys from the Portuguese Juventus star, Cristiano Ronaldo, who was happy to sign them personally for Cuban doctors and nurses in the city

The Henry Reeve brigade fighting COVID-19 in Turin has received numerous expressions of gratitude from Italian authorities and the city’s people.

The latest of these was the Juventus football club’s presentation of jerseys signed by their star player Cristiano Ronaldo.

On duty! To serve humanity

For the first time, the people of Azerbaijan will receive Cuban medical collaboration

This island nation once again kisses her children on the forehead, bids them farewell with pride, and watches as they embark on another journey to where life demands their presence, without hesitation

This time, Azerbaijan is the destination for Cuban health professionals, whose internationalist vocation calls them to heal the pain of others. Thus the 115 members of this brigade are now joining thousands of their brothers and sisters around the world, showing that humanism and solidarity are the most effective vaccines against the new coronavirus.

We will always be where we most honor the country

We will always be where we most honor the country

Yesterday, July 13, the International Health Center La Pradera once again became the epicenter of love, gratitude and respect, when President Díaz-Canel met with a new group of collaborators who joined the COVID-19 battle in the Principality of Andorra, Nicaragua, and Antigua and Barbuda.

He arrived at the famous institution to begin a week of intense work with them, to listen and welcome them home again, this time without television screens.

Laura Pausini thanks Cuban doctors for their efforts

Laura Pausini thanks Cuban doctors for their efforts

On June 26, 2018, the popular Italian singer Laura Pausini professed her love for Cuba, shouting: "Cuba, I love you," to the crowd attending the concert she offered along with Gente de Zona in Havana’s Ciudad Deportiva. Today she is again showing her affection, conveying to an admirer on the island, via telephone, her gratitude "to so many Cuban doctors who traveled to Italy to help us."

July 26 in Cuba’s soul

There is no better way to honor the rebellious spirit that Cubans assumed once and for all, in 1953, than to win the COVID-19 battle

The pandemic may prevent us from physically attending the essential encounters Cubans have every July 26 with the memory of our historical generation. There is no virus or adverse situation that can diminish the significance of the step they took in 1953, when a handful of young rebels, led by Fidel, "conquered" for eternity the yearnings of a people.