Cuba in South Africa

ANC stands in solidarity with Cuba and condemns new U.S. escalation of aggressive behaviour against Cuban soverienity

Pretoria, 4th September, 2019.- The ANC rejects in the strongest possible terms the latest escalation in the aggressive behavior against Cuba, and the strengthening of the unilateral, illegal and criminal economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed on the island for more than 60 years. It is evident that the objective of the imperialists is to impose regime change in Cuba by strangling the Cuban economy, and causing severe damage to the population. With this kind of conduct, imperialism shows their disdain for international law and human rights in general.

Great cultural event in South Africa dedicated to 25 years of diplomatic relations

Pretoria, 3 de agosto de 2019.- As part of the celebrations for the 25th anniversary of Cuba-South Africa diplomatic relations, the dancing school of salsa “Estilo cubano”; with over 10 years of continuous work in the city of Pretoria, hosted a cultural event dedicated to the close and historic friendship and cooperation ties between the two countries.  

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of South Africa, Alvin Botes, publishes an article on the occasion of commemorating the Day of the National Rebelliousness in Cuba

Pretoria, July 31st, 2019.- We share a newspaper article by Alvin Botes, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of South Africa, published in various of the South African media, including the newspaper "The Star", on the occasion of commemorating the 66th anniversary of the attacks on the Moncada and Carlos Manuel de Céspedes barracks in Cuba, on July 26, 1953.

Cuba, SA and international solidarity

INDEPENDENT ONLINE │THE STAR │30 July 2019 │ALVIN BOTES/ * Botes is Deputy Minister of International Relations and Co-operation. He is also an ANC National Executive Committee member.

On July 26, 1953, the Moncada military barracks in Santiago de Cuba was the site of an armed attack by a group of 135 revolutionaries led by Fidel Castro.