Cuba in South Africa

Statement by Cuban Ambassador Rodolfo Benítez Verson on the occasion of the Business Forum Cuba-South Africa and the formal signing of the Mutual Cooperation Agreement Between the Chamber of Commerce of Cuba and the Johannesburg Chamber of Commerce and In

Greetings from our Embassy to all participants in this important Cuba-South Africa Business Forum organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Cuba and the Johannesburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

As it is well known, Cuba and South Africa maintain excellent diplomatic, political, and cooperation relations. In fact, both countries have formally qualified the bilateral relationship as a Strategic Partnership, which is a qualification States only uses in exceptional cases.

Cuba and South Africa celebrate successful Business Forum and sign Cooperation Agreement between Chambers of Commerce

Pretoria, October 10, 2020.- October 14, 2020- A productive virtual Cuba-South Africa Business Forum was held today, an initiative aimed at promoting bilateral economic, trade and investment relations, in the current context of the intensification of the unilateral and illegal blockade imposed by the government of the United States against Cuba and the COVID-19 pandemic.

President Ramaphosa demands at the UN the lifting of the blockade against Cuba

Pretoria, September 22, 2020.- The President of South Africa and of the African Union, H.E. Cyril Ramaphosa, in his statement today at the annual debate of the United Nations General Assembly, demanded the lifting of the unjust economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed on Cuba by the United States government.

On behalf of the Cuban people and government: Thank you President Ramaphosa and the government of South Africa for your support! Thank you dear South African brothers and sisters for your solidarity!

The Fifteen of the Cuban medical presence in Eswatini

Article by the Ambassador of Cuba to South Africa, Lesotho and Eswatini, Rodolfo Benítez Verson

A few days ago, on September 22, 25 years of fruitful diplomatic relations between the Republic of Cuba and the Kingdom of Eswatini were commemorated.

Since formal ties were established in 1995, both States have worked together in the interest of diversifying and expanding relations of friendship, cooperation and solidarity. Cooperation in the field of health is undoubtedly the most active component in our bilateral cooperation.

15 years of uninterrupted Cuban medical presence in the Kingdom of Eswatini

Pretoria, October 6, 2020.- We proudly highlight the achievements of this brigade, which to date, has conducted more than 50,000 consultations, saved more than 2,500 lives, and been involved in investigations as part of the COVID-19 strategy to combat. Thanks to the Cuban doctors, this brother country has for the first time specialists in areas such as neonatology and oncology.