Cuba in South Africa

Mandela and Fidel, united in history

Pretoria, July 19, 2019.- Interview with the Ambassador of South Africa in Cuba, Thaninga Pandit Shope-Linney in coordination with the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples, on the occasion of the 101st anniversary of the birth of Nelson Mandela. Interview for the newspaper Juventud Rebelde (JR)

JR.- What are the main teachings Nelson Rolishlahala Mandela (Madiba) left for South Africa and the world?

Press Statement: Message on the Occasion of International Mandela Day

Pretoria, July18th, 2019.- Cuba celebrates today, along with millions of people around the world, the birth of Nelson Mandela, of whom the Comrade Raul Castro said that "he was recognized as the supreme symbol of dignity and the unwavering consecration to the revolutionary struggle for freedom and justice, as a prophet of unity, reconciliation and peace.”

Press Statement: FOCUS Condemns the Latest USA Aggression against Cuba

Pretoria, 12 July, 2019.- The Friends of Cuba Society (FOCUS) joins millions of people around the world to condemn the latest Trump Administration aggressive measures towards Cuba which aims to extend its illegal blockade against Cuba. The Helms Burton Act of 1996 is now being codified by the Trump Administration to permit lawsuits to be filed in USA courts against Cuban entities.

Declaration by South African Association of Graduated in Cuba on the USA Economic Blockade against Cuba

Pretoria, 9 July, 2019.- We the graduates of Cuba constituted mostly by doctors, health sector professionals and other professions such as engineering, economics, the military, education and others, hereby condemn the economic aggressive inhumane sanctions against the peaceful Republic of Cuba which have been rejected by the international community represented by the United Nation as from 1992 every year until this year (2018) in November.

South African Artist expresses Support for Cuba through Music

Pretoria,  (Prensa Latina) South African percussionist and music producer Dan Chiorboli will organize concerts in Cuba with the participation of musicians from both countries, as part of the support for the island during times of greater pressure from the United States.
Chiorboli is the creator of the so-called Liberation Project, which intends to honor the countries that maintained their support for South Africa during its struggle against apartheid.