Cuba in Qatar

About 70 International Companies Present at Oil Summit in Cuba

Cuba Petroleo


Cuba Oil & Gas 2017 Summit was inaugurated today with the participation of about 70 oil and gas executives from 15 nations, including Russia, China, Italy, France and the United Kingdom.

 During the meeting, a great number of opportunities for foreign investment in the Cuban hydrocarbon industry, exploration and production projects, and the petrochemical and refining market were known, the Business Development Director of the International Research Networks (IRN) and the organizer of the event Paola Galanti stated.

Cuban international clinic promotes quality of life


Health tourism

Havana's Cira García Central Clinic offers a broad range of personalized health services for patients from abroad visiting or residing in the country

Diplomats and their families, business people, residents from abroad, tourists on extended stays, and others are afforded the opportunity to consult medical experts who guide them through diagnoses and appropriate treatment of ailments, in accordance with their needs.

International Book Fair set to sell four million books from February to April

Feria del Libro

The International Book Fair, Cuba 2017, is scheduled to kick off in Havana, Feb 9th, and wind up in Santiago de Cuba, April 16th with 300 guests in attendance.

Dedicated to renowned Cuban intellectual and thinker, Armando Hart Dávalos, and to Canada, the event’s main venue will be the San Carlos de la Cabaña Fortress in the Cuban capital, with 300 guests from 37 countries and the participation of 86 Cuban publishing houses.

Why a blockade and not an embargo?

Bloqueo contra Cuba


Although the United States didn’t fully implement the blockade against Cuba until February 7, 1962, it had been applying similar policies against the island since 1959