Cuba in Qatar

Events against the Blockade and Terrorism begins in Cuba


HAVANA, Cuba, Sept 4 (acn) The event called Tenemos Memoria (We Have Memory). Solidarity vs. Blockade began on Monday in Havana with a tribute to the memory of Italian Fabio Di Celmo, victim of a terrorist attack with a bomb that was placed at Havana's Hotel Copacabana 20 years ago.

Promoted by the Institute of Friendship with the Peoples, ICAP, the initiative will extend until the upcoming vote at the UN General Assembly of Cuba's Resolution against the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by Washington against the Cuban people for over half a century.

Havana to host International symposium on the Cuban Revolution


Organized by the Cuban Institute of History, the Second International Symposium “The Cuban Revolution: Origins and Historic Development” will take place in the capital’s International Conference Center October 24-26. According to MSc René González Barrios, president of the organizing committee speaking to Granma, the event seeks to encourage the exchange of ideas and knowledge from within the fields of social sciences and humanities toward better understanding this historic process in its complexity.

World Peace Council denounces U.S. interventionism in Cuba

Consejo de la Paz

The organization reiterated its demand for an end to interventionist actions by the United States “which continually attempts to frustrate the progress of the Cuban Revolution and isolate the nation through a criminal blockade imposed for over five decades”


Canciller cubano

Havana, June 17 (ACN) Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla, who is in Austria for a work visit, will hold a press conference in Vienna on Monday, June 19, 2017, at 16: 00 hours from Austria (10:00 hours from Cuba). The Cuban Foreign Minister will address issues of high importance and current relevance to Cuban foreign policy, according to the statement published on the Cubaminrex website. The press conference of the Cuban Foreign Minister will be broadcast live on Cuban television and radio.

Trump takes US policy towards Cuba one step back

Cuba y Estaos Unidos

HAVANA, Cuba, Jun 16 (ACN) US President Donald Trump today unveiled a new US policy toward Cuba from the southern state of Florida that reinforces the extraterritorial economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by that government on the island. The president signed a document setting out the priorities of his government, including compliance with US law on the Cuban nation, in particular the provisions that govern the blockade and the prohibition of the citizens of that country to visit Cuba.