Cuba in Qatar

Cuba underlines friendship, co-operation ties with Qatar


Gulf Times/QNA, 13 December 2019. - Cuban ambassador to Qatar Eumelio Caballero Rodriguez underlined that Cuba and Qatar enjoy very good relations of friendship and co-operation, expressing admiration for Qatar’s diplomacy and adherence to the principles of international law and its permanent defense of dialogue and negotiations as the only civilized ways of settling international differences and conflicts.

Call to the IV Conference "The Nation and Emigration"

As expression of the unequivocal desire to continue strengthening the ties of its nationals abroad, the Government of the Republic of Cuba officially announces the IV “The Nation and Emigration” Conference to be held on the 8th to the 10th of April of 2020 in Havana; the corresponding invitations will be issued for the event.

INDER delegation conducts work visit to Qatar


Doha, 12 December 2019.- A delegation from inDER composed of Mr. Oscar Nuevo Reyes, Director of the Methodological Technical Department of High Training, and Arnaldo Rodriguez Garcia, Specialist, made a working visit to Qatar on 8-11, in the framework for exchanges of experience in the area. The delegation visited the Qatar Antidopping Laboratory, the Aspire Academy facility where he met with Mr.