Cuban Tourist Card Requirements

Cuban Tourist Card Requirements

  • Passport (original) with 6 months’ validity and one copy.
  • Recent of 1 (one) photo 2 (two) inches size with any background color.
  • Evidence of Round Trip Travel (Copy of Airline booking)
  • Evidence of Hotel (Confirmed Hotel Reservation)

**in case of the applicant will stay with friend in Cuba, please provide us the information of your friend:  full name, address, and telephone number in written format.

Virtually with university students and Timorese fellows in the kingdom of Cambodia

The Cuban Ambassador in Phnom Penh, Liurka Rodríguez, met virtually with university students and Timorese fellows in the kingdom of Cambodia, with whom H.E Ambassador discussed the impact of Covid-19 on the educational sector. H.E Ambassador denounced that the aggressive policy of the United States against the Greater Antilles prevents the use of virtual platforms or recognized applications such as Zoom, for which there were various initiatives to support the non-face-to-face teaching process. 

Congratulations to the members of the Cuban Medical Brigade in Seychelles on the Latin American Medicine Day.

Victoria, December 3, 2021_ On the occasion of the Latin American Medicine Day, the Cuban Embassy in Seychelles congratulates all Cuban health workers, and especially, the members of the Cuban Medical Brigade in Seychelles, who every day put on high the most noble and altruistic values of our beloved Cuba and the inexhaustible determination to contribute to raise the health indexes of this sister African nation.  

Solidarity party at the Cuban Embassy.

Wellington, December 3. Friends of Cuba in Wellington attended a party at the Embassy to celebrate the return to normality after a year of great difficulties, in which there was no lack of support for the Revolution.

The Ambassador thanked those present, and through them all the friends who in New Zealand support our cause.

Representatives from unions, the Communist Party, cultural projects, and academic institutions shared ideas and a pleasant evening with lots of music and dancing.


Pastors for Peace: Brothers and sisters of the Revolution and the Cuban People

Havana, 3 December 2021. For 30 years Pastors for Peace has brought us encouragement, letting us know that Cuba is not alone; that within the people of the United States there is sincere affection, fraternity and solidarity for us, stated Communist Party First Secretary and President Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, to members of the 31st annual Caravan, begun in 1992 by Reverend Lucius Walker, with whom the Comandante en jefe shared an intimate friendship.

Cuban government congratulates doctors on Latin American Medicine Day

Havana, 3 December 2021. The president of Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel, congratulated the Cuban doctors on the Day of Latin American Medicine, a date instituted in honor of the birth of Dr. Carlos J. Finlay.

“To our doctors, who together with the scientists have saved the country, many congratulations and infinite gratitude (…) May the applause return today for you and for each life saved from #COVID19. Our heroes wear white coats”, the president tweeted.

In Sri Lanka, the Cuban Ambassador is received at the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce

In Sri Lanka, the Cuban Ambassador is received at the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce

Sri Lanka, December 3, 2021. The Cuban Ambassador to Sri Lanka, Andrés Marcelo González Garrido, paid a courtesy visit to the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce, where he was received by its President Vish Govindasamy.

The cordial meeting revealed the signing in 2019 of a Memorandum of Understanding between the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce and the Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Cuba.