Cuba in New Zealand

GRULAC ambassadors meet with MFAT officials.

The Ambassadors of GRULAC (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Cuba, Mexico and Peru) had a friendly meeting with the Director of the Division of the Americas and the head of Latin America and the Caribbean of the local Chancellery, Heath Fisher and Raylene Liufalani.

After several months of remote work, the exchange allowed us to resume personal contact between the officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) and the Ambassadors, to update each other on the situation in our countries and to plan the strengthening of our links.

Parliamentary Group of Friendship with Latin America and the Caribbean express solidarity with Cuba.

In a letter to the Ambassador of Cuba, the Parliamentary Group of Friendship with Latin America and the Caribbean reaffirmed the important relationship shared by Cuba and New Zealand, empathized with our disappointment that the blockade against Cuba has been strengthened and said: "We are thinking of the people of Cuba during this uncertain time. Please accept our best wishes for the success and prosperity of the people of your country."
We sincerely thank the group for their friendship.

Cooperation with the Asia-Pacific Center of Excellence.

On June 11th we had an interesting exchange with Dr. Matthew O'Meagher, Director of LatAm CAPE, who updated us on the situation and plans of the center.

We evaluate ways to contribute to mutual knowledge between Latin America and New Zealand.

We will work for a greater approach to the region and future projects with Cuba.

Celebrating the day of Africa.

The Cuban Foreign Ministry celebrates Africa Day every year on May 25.

We carry the peoples of that continent in our blood, our history and our hearts.

The Consul of Cuba in New Zealand joins the tribute to our brothers.


NZ/Cuba Friendship Society asks Government to take a stand against blockade


The New Zealand / Cuba Society published a statement emphasizing that, as the COVID-19 pandemic sweeps the planet, it is time for the New Zealand Government to actively support the UN’s call to the U.S. to urgently lift the blockade of Cuba, that is obstructing the country’s health care system’s ability to fight the COVID-19 crisis.

“Our Government is acutely aware of both Cuba’s commitment to training health professionals in the Pacific and its role in combating the pandemic internationally. Now is the time to stand beside them.”