Cuba in New Zealand

New Zealand Government confirms opposition to Blockade

The following is press release by the Cuba Friendship Society in Aotearoa New Zealand, regarding an exchange with Vice-premier and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Winston Peters, after the escalation on the economic war of the US against Cuba.

Cuba has the right to preserve its sovereignty and independence

Foreign Minister Winston Peters has reaffirmed the New Zealand government’s opposition to the illegal blockade of Cuba.

Library in Auckland receives Cuban books donation

Auckland.- As part of its close relationship with the Letras Latinas library, the Cuban Embassy made a book donation covering a diverse group of topics. 

Letras Latinas is a community library based in Auckland, the only institution of its kind in Romance languages, associated with ALAC (Aotearoa Latin America Community), which in turn offers social services to the Latin American community in New Zealand.

It seems to be a perfect timing for this action, given the fact that ALAC will be soon celebrating their 25th anniversary.

Ambassador of Cuba offers a conference at the New Zealand Institute of International Affairs

Auckland.- Organized by the the New Zealand Institute of International Affairs (NZIIA) in Auckland, the Ambassador of Cuba, Mario Alzugaray made a presentation in which he addressed, among other topics, the vision of Cuba on current issues on the international agenda, such as the situation in Latin America and the aggressive escalation of the US Government, revealed in the strengthening of the economic, financial and commercial embargo on Cuba.

Friends of Cuba organize protest in front of U.S. Consulate-General in Auckland

Auckland.-  On the afternoon of Friday, June 7th, members of the Cuba Friendship Society in Auckland held a protest in front of the consulate General of the United States in that city, to condemn the new measures announced by Washington, which reinforce the economic, commercial and financial blockade and are part of the recent escalation of this American administration against the Caribbean nation.