Cuba in New Zealand

Cuban artist takes part in mural to be exhibited at Auckland Airport.

Wellington, August 17, 2017. -Thanks to the support of Otahuhu College, Cuban artist Osemivy Ortega is taking part in the creation of a mural that will be displayed at Auckland International Airport.

The work is being prepared at the College of the homonym suburb of Auckland city. This school stands out for its quality in the teaching of the Visual Arts, among whose group of teachers is Malcolm McCallister, also a member of the Cuba Friendship Society.

Cuban Ambassador meets Auckland Deputy Mayor

Auckland, 13 August 2017. -At a meeting held in this city, the Cuban Ambassador, Mario Alzugaray, explained to the Deputy Mayor of Auckland, Bill Cashmore, details on Cuba´s most recent social and economic developments.

Ambassador Alzugaray addressed also the major interests that guide the work of the Embassy of Cuba in Wellington, highlighting the importance attached by his country to New Zealand development experiences, with emphasis in the livestock sector.

Tribute to Fidel on his 91th birthday in New Zealand

Auckland, 13 August 2017. - A ceremony held to honour Fidel Castro´s legacy on his 91st anniversary, took place at the headquarters of Unite Union in this city.

Luis Casares, a Cuban resident in New Zealand and member of the Auckland Cuba Friendship Society (ACFS), kicked off the event, highlighting the struggle for social justice, as one of the fundamental principles that guided the ideas and actions of the leader of the Cuban Revolution, whom he also described as a tireless fighter who has served as an example to the progressive and left wing forces around the world.

Cuban ambassador honours Samoan Prime Minister on the launch his memoirs.

Ambassador Alzugaray (right) with PM Tu'ilaepa (center) and Samoan High Commissioner in NZ Leasi Papali'i Tommy Scanlan

Wellington, August 7, 2017. - On the occasion of the presentation of the book Palemia, memoirs of the Prime Minister of Samoa, Tu'ilaepa Sa'ilele Malielegaoi, the Ambassador of Cuba had the honour and the opportunity to greet and hold a brief exchange with the head of Government of the Pacific nation.

The Cuban diplomat congratulated the Samoan leader on the launch of this interesting text, which summarizes the experiences of the longest serving prime minister in the Pacific region. Tu´ilaepa has been serving in his present post since 1998.

Cuba Friendship Society in Auckland condemns Trump Aministration roll back on Cuba - US relations.

The latest rollback of the Obama presidency’s easing of relations with Cuba as a deepening of the blockade, now in place for 54 years, should be condemned.
Every president since Kennedy in 1963 has aimed to overthrow the Cuban revolution.
Obama’s shift in relations was a step forward but still had the open aim of fostering dissent within Cuba while keeping the blockade in place and Guantanamo occupied.