Cuba in the Netherlands

Concert of Cuban Classical and Jazz Music in The Hague

Las actuaciones de los pianistas y compositores cubanos, Ramón Valle y Gustavo Corrales, en la sede de Lutherse Kerk pusieron muy alto su calidad interpretativa,  que contó con las premieres a dos pianos, de dos composiciones de estos artistas: Johana,  de Valle y Guantánamo, de Corrales. Foto: Kim Veermat

The Program of the concert, masterfully performed, included classics by Lecuona, with special arrangements by Valle, as well as compositions penned by both artists, which showcase their creative versatility. 

CALL 4th International Conference FOR WORLD BALANCE

The Project is coordinated by the Office of Cuba’s Martí Program, and is currently regarded as the sole supranational initiative in today’s world to promote the study, knowledge and dissemination of information on the life and work of a paramount figure in the field of ideas.