Cuba in the Netherlands

Information from the Consulate of Cuba in Rotterdam

The Consulate of Cuba informs, that due to internal work, it will remain closed to the public on July 20,2018.

We will be exceptionally opened this year on Wednesday July 25, Thursday 26 and Friday 27.

Cuba Speaks to the 88 Executive Council of the OPCW

En su discurso reiteró la histórica posición de Cuba a favor del desarme general, completo bajo estricto y eficaz control internacional y enfatizó en el compromiso con la plena, efectiva y no discriminatoria implementación de la Convención de Armas Químicas.

[Second Announcement] 4th International Conference FOR WORLD BALANCE

The José Martí Project of International Solidarity sponsored by UNESCO was created in 2003 when approved by the General Conference of that international organization, and has the support of the Organization of Iberian American States for Education, Science and Culture (OEI, the Spanish acronym) and other international institutions of different nature that have joined this Project, governed by a qualified leading organ of more than thirty renowned and outstanding intellectuals from different countries who make up its World Council.