Cuba in Mongolia

Statement to the press by Josefina Vidal Ferreiro, Director General for US Affairs at Cuba's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on the provisions and regulations issued by the Departments of State, the Treasury and Commerce on November 8, 2017.

Today, November 8, the Departments of State, the Treasury and Commerce issued new provisions and regulations to implement the measures aimed at strengthening the blockade on Cuba announced on the past June 6, by President Trump and included in the executive order entitled “National Security Presidential Memorandum on Strengthening the Policy of the United States Toward Cuba”, which established the policy of his government towards our country.

Cuban Ambassador participates in celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the October Revolution and the 150th Anniversary of the first publication of "The Capital".

Ulaanbaatar, November 8, 2017. Invited by Mr. N. Enkhbayar, President of the Mongolian People's Revolutionary Party, Cuban Ambassador Raúl Delgado Concepción participated yesterday afternoon in the commemorative event of the Centennial of the October Socialist Revolution and the 150th Anniversary of the first publication of Karl Marx's book "The Capital".

"We will persevere, with the consensus of our people and the patriotic commitment of the youngest" (+Video)

UNITED NATIONS. – Once again, for the 26th time before the United Nations, heard was Cuba's demand for the elimination of the U.S. economic, commercial, financial blockade, supported by 191 of the world's nations.

Before the General Assembly, Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla stated that the policy, which has been imposed for over 50 years by Washington, constitutes a flagrant, massive, and systematic violation of the human rights of Cubans.

Cuba announces new migratory regulations

As part of the continuous, irreversible process of updating the country's migratory policies, the Cuban government has approved the following measures, which will take effect January 1, 2018:

• Eliminate the “Habilitación” (authorization) of passports previously required of Cuban émigrés traveling to the country