Cuban ambassador attends presentation Ron Havana Club Unión

Kuala Lumpur, November 17- The Cuban Ambassador in Malaysia, Ibete Fernández, participated in the launch of the Malaysian rum of Havana Clun Union rum, which will begin to be distributed in this country by the Pernord Ricard company.

Together with Pernord Ricard's representative in this country, Sebastien Mouquet, the ambassador unveiled the exquisite rum for the audience, designed to match the Havana Club brand and the Cohiba century range. The product was the result of the work of the master rummer Asbel Morales and the tobacco sommelier Fernando Fernández.

Ambassador highlights the validity of Fidel Castro's solidary thought in meeting with students of the Malaysian National University.

Kuala Lumpur, November 17- After an invitation from the Center for Latin American Studies of the National University of Malaysia, the Cuban ambassador exchanged with university students and professors about Cuba and its current situation, the exercise of its solidarity and the effects of the blockade.

The occasion was propitious to transfer to the audience information about Cuba in the framework of the program carried out by the study center, entitled "Knowing Latin America".

Malaysian publication highlights the achievements of biotechnology despite the blockade

Kuala Lumpur, November 13th- The October edition of the magazine of the Biotechnology Information Center of Malaysia, published an interview with the Cuban ambassador in Malaysia, Ibete Fernández Hernández about the development of biotechnology, its origins and perspectives.

The ambassador highlighted the role of comrade Fidel Castro in the creation of a scientific pole that responded to the needs of the people, allowed to substitute imports and placed Cuba among the world leaders in the production of competitive biotechnological products.

Malaysian media highlights the damages caused by blockade to Cuba

Kuala Lumpur, October 30 - The national news agency Bernama published the article "US Blockade An Obstacle For Cuba To Establish International Cooperation" after the press conference offered by the Cuban ambassador in that country, Ibete Fernández Hernández, to present the report on the damages of the blockade against Cuba.

The article, written by journalist Samantha Tan, cites examples of the extraterritorial application of the blockade and the hardening that this policy has suffered in recent months.