Opened in Kuala Lumpur exhibition of Cuban plastic arts.

Kuala Lumpur, June 13 - The exhibition of contemporary painting "From Dreams to Reality" was officially inaugurated today at the National Gallery of Malaysia, within the framework of the activities carried out by the mission to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Cuban Revolution .

On behalf of the National Gallery, Mr. Ameruddin, Vice General Director, welcomed those present and thanked the embassy for having chosen the place for this exhibition, which he said will contribute to broaden the knowledge of Cuba in Malaysia through culture.

Intellectual Malaysian denounced Helms Burton Act

cuba vs bloqueo

Kuala Lumpur, June 10 - Dr. Chandra Muzaffar, president of the non-governmental organization JUST, spoke here against the Helms Burton Act.

In his article he emphasizes that it would be a mistake to see Title III alone or as nothing more than a part of the Helms-Burton Act and should be evaluated in the context of sanctions against Cuba applied since 1961, USA. UU only for our country chose in 1959 its own path of development inspired by socialist ideals. He also states that due to its failures, the imperial power has decided to be more hostile against the island.

Cuban ambassador to Malaysia denounces illegality of the Helms Burton

cuba vs bloqueo

Kuala Lumpur, June 6 - The national news agency of Malaysia, BERNAMA, published an article based on a comment by the ambassador Ibete Fernández, addressed to the press about the Helms Burton law.

In the letter the ambassador explained that title three pursues the internationalization of the blockade creating uncertainty and discouraging foreign companies to do business with Cuba, said that in summary, it is a North American law that claims to have an effect outside its borders and (which) legally can not be.

Director of the Malaysian Foreign Ministry receives a Cuban Ambassador

Kuala Lumpur, May 23- The Director of Americas of the Malaysian Foreign Ministry, Ms. Kamsiah Khamairuddin received the Cuban Ambassador in Malaysia, Ibete Fernández Hernández.

During the meeting both diplomats exchanged about the state of bilateral relations and the Cuban ambassador reported on the latest aggressive actions applied by the United States against Cuba, especially chapter III of the Helms Burton Act, whose start-up has already begun to create difficulties for the Cuban people.

Cuban Ambassador to Malaysia Denounces Aggressive Escalation of the United States against Cuba

Kuala Lumpur, May 16 - The Cuban ambassador to Malaysia denounced in a recent press conference aggressive escalation of the United States government against Cuba in order to bring the truth to the Malaysian public about what is happening in the country.

In her information to the press, the Cuban diplomat addressed the particularities of the Helms Burton Law and its objective of creating uncertainty among foreign investors interested in the Cuban market.