Cuba in Kuwait

Charges d´Affaires a.i meets with leadership of the brigade Henry Reeve

Kuwait, June 17: The Chargé d'Affaires a.i of the Cuban Embassy in Kuwait, José Luis Noriega Sánchez, held a working meeting with the leadership of the Henry Reeve brigade recently arrived in this country.
In the usual exchange, internal issues of the work of Cuban medical professionals were addressed, with the aim of perfecting and harmonizing their honorable work in Kuwait.

Sostiene Encargado de Negocios a.i encuentro con dirección de la brigada Henry Reeve

Kuwait, 17 de junio: El Encargado de Negocios a.i de la Embajada de Cuba en Kuwait, José Luis Noriega Sánchez, sostuvo un encuentro de trabajo con la dirección de la brigada Henry Reeve recién llegada a este país.

En el habitual intercambio se abordaron cuestiones internas de la labor de los profesionales médicos cubanos, con el objetivo de perfeccionar y armonizar su honrosa labor en Kuwait.

El gobierno kuwaití ha tomado rápida y efectivas medidas para enfrentar y contener los efectos de la terrible pandemia, para lo cual ha destinado cuantiosos recursos y esfuerzos.

Members of the “Henry Reeve” Medical Brigade in Kuwait ready for treating patients with Covid-19

Kuwait, June 16: The members of the Henry Reeve Cuban Medical Brigade who arrived in Kuwait on June 5, began their work of caring patients with coronavirus.
The Cuban medical team managed in record time to organize and dispose of its personnel in the different specialties, for an effective patient care.
The Kuwaiti government has created various field hospitals in facilities of various kinds, equipped with all the necessary equipment and materials for effective care of the sick peoples.

Cuban medical contingent from the “Henry Reeve” brigade arrives in Kuwait


On the night of Friday, June 5, a contingent of 298 health professionals made up of doctors and nurses landed on Kuwaiti. The presence of the Cuban doctors is supported by a Medical Cooperation Agreement signed between the governments of Kuwait and Cuba, to confront the Covid-19 pandemic that plagues this country and the world.

Celebrating Workers' Day

EmbaCuba Kuwait Collective joins the celebrations for May 1, in support of the measures of our revolutionary government.