Cuba in Iran

The US once again fails in its imperial aspirations against Cuba.

Press release of the Cuban Embassy:

Tehran, December 1, 2020. In the midst of the health crisis facing the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the US government has intensified the illegitimate and inhumane economic, commercial and financial blockade measures against the people of Cuba, reaching their highest level in more than 60 years.

Words of Ayatollah Khamenei to our Commander in Chief Fidel, during their meeting in Tehran in May 2001.

Tehran, november 28, 2020. For the first time, the portal, publication site of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution of Iran, on the 4th anniversary of the death of the Historical Leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, published the statements made by Ayatollah Khamenei in the meeting held on May 9, 2001 with our Commander-in-Chief, whom they refer to as: an emblematic figure of great weight in world politics.


Call for the First Edition of the Cuba 2020 Business Forum

On November 10, the Minister of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment of the Republic of Cuba, Mr. Rodrigo Malmierca Díaz, launched the First Edition of the Cuba 2020 Business Forum, which will be held virtually on days 8 and 9 December 2020, with the aim of promoting trade and investment for sustainable development.

The Cuba 2020 Business Forum is sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment (MINCEX), with the participation of its Center for Promotion (ProCuba) and the Chamber of Commerce.