Cuba in Indonesia

ASEAN Secretary General congratulates Cuba´s New President

La Embajadora de Cuba en Indonesia, Nirsia Castro Guevara, con el Secretario General de la ASEAN, Lin Jock Hoi

Jakarta, June 6th, 2018. The Secretary General of ASEAN Dato Lim Jock Hoi conveyed his congratulations to the newly elected President of the Councils of State and Ministers of Cuba Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez during an interview held today with the Ambassador of the island Nirsia Castro Guevara. The high official also expressed his deep condolences to the Cuban people and government for the tragic plane crash that occurred on May 18th in Havana.

Embassy of Cuba in Indonesia commemorates the 123rd anniversary of José Martí ´s death

Bandung, 19th of May 2018. ON this day the Cuban embassy in Indonesia commemorates the 123rd anniversary of the falling in combat of the Cuban National Hero. The occasion allowed for the screening of the movie “Jose Marti: The Eye of the Canary” at the auditorium of the Bandung Creative Hub hosted by the Youth of the Centre for Youth of the Cooperation Forum between Latin America and East Asia (FOCALAE).

Cuban Delegation of MINEM visits Indonesia


Jakarta, April 15, 2018. From the 10th to 13th of April a delegation from the Ministry of Energy and Mines of Cuba made a visit to Indonesia, in order to identify possible cooperation projects.

During the visit, Cuban officials held meetings with the Indonesian authorities and visited places of interest. Both parties exchanged information concerning the evolution of the area in their respective countries and recognized the existence of potential for cooperation.

Statement by the Revolutionary Government of the Republic of Cuba on the attack on Syria

The Revolutionary Government of the Republic of Cuba expresses its strongest condemnation of the new attack by the United States and some of its allies against military and civilian facilities in the Syrian Arab Republic on the evening of this April 13th, under the pretext of the alleged use of chemical weapons against civilians by the Syrian Government.

Embassy of Cuba meets a representation from the FOCALAE youth Center

Indonesia, March 29, 2018. The Embassy of Cuba in this country held a working meeting with a large delegation formed by young Indonesians representing the Youth Center of the Latin America-East Asia Cooperation Forum (FEALAC), based in Bandung.

The center was inaugurated on January 19 of this year, as a result of the proposal presented by the Mayor of Bandung during the youth conference of FEALAC held in that city. The idea was approved at the most recent FEALAC conference, which took place in Busan, South Korea, in 2017.