Cuba in Indonesia

In Jakarta, headquarters of the ASEAN Secretariat, is known that Cuba adhered to the Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation of this Association

Jakarta, November 10 - Today in this city, headquarters of the Secretariat of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), was known the signing by Minister Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla of the Instrument of Accession of Cuba to the Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation (TAC) of this block, during a virtual meeting of foreign ministers within the framework of its 37th Summit.

The Cuban Embassy in Jakarta takes part in the launch of the Second Indonesia-Latin America and the Caribbean Business Forum 2020

Jakarta, October 27- During a virtual meeting, organized by the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Latin American and Caribbean ambassadors accredited in this country held a fruitful exchange with the new Director General for America and Europe of the Indonesian Foreign Ministry, Ambassador Ngurah Swajaya.

In the two hours of interactive colloquium, the director of the Indonesian Foreign Ministry announced the celebration of the Second Indonesia-Latin America and the Caribbean Business Forum (INA-LAC) 2020.

Indonesian press reports the impact of the US blockade on Cuba's efforts against the Pandemic and on its traditional medical solidarity

Jakarta, September 25- Rmol, one of the digital newspapers with the greatest impact in the Indonesian language, published an article in which, referring to recent statements by the president of La Casa de las Américas, Abel Prieto, highlights the negative impact of the US blockade in the fight of the small Caribbean island against Covid-19, in its altruistic humanitarian role with other nations of the world and the responsibility of neoliberalism for the deep social gaps, exacerbated during the current Pandemic.

75th anniversary of Indonesian independence


Jakarta, August 17.- Indonesia celebrates the 75th anniversary of its Independence, which it reached in 1945, after 300 years of Dutch rule. 

This commemoration inevitably reminds us of its founding father, Sukarno, who read the "Proclamation of Independence" for the first time, on August 17, 1945, today known as ¨Jalan Proklamasi¨, in Jalan Pegangsaan Timur (its current capital, Jakarta).