Cuba in Guyana

The Caribbean Community (CARICOM) pays tribute to the Government and people of Cuba in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic

Guyana, May 13, 2020. During the 23rd Meeting of the Council of Foreign and Community Relations (COFCOR) of the CARIBBEAN Community (CARICOM), it was paid tribute to the government and people of Cuba for the support of health personnel to increase the region's limited capacity to cope with the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic despite Cuba's own challenges aggravated by the intensification of US government sanctions against the island.

Solidarity support for Cubans in Guyana continues...

Georgetown, May 8, 2020. Cuban citizens permanent residents in the national territory who have been stranded in Guyana, and those who have lost their jobs after the emergency measures adopted to face SARS CoV 2 / Covid-19, continue to receive the support from the Embassy through donations received by the Cuban Medical Brigade, Guyanese solidarity groups, and Cubans hired in this country.


Georgetown, April 21, 2020. Members of the Movement of Solidarity with Cuba and Cubans residing in Guyana have come together to support Cubans stranded in this country due to the closure of airports and cancellation of flights to the island, motivated by the Covid19.

Halim Khan, President of this solidarity organization and of the West Demerara Chamber of Commerce, has made it possible to donate food to the neediest Cubans, as an altruistic gesture, which is also a sign of the friendship of supporters with Cuba and its Revolution.

The pandemic has shown the need for cooperation despite political differences.

Georgetown, Guyana. April 16, 2020. The impact of COVID19 can now be measured and can be evaluated in the future by the impressive number of people infected, by unacceptable mortality rates, by undisputed damage to the world economy, production, and trade as well as the employment and personal income of millions of people. It is a crisis that far exceeds the health field.


Embassy of the Republic of Cuba






The Embassy of the Republic of Cuba to the Cooperative Republic of Guyana wishes to express its heartfelt condolences for the physical disappearance of the Honorable Mr. Komal Chand, President of the Guyana Agricultural and General Workers Union (GAWU).