Cuba in Guyana

Ambassador participates in the analysis meeting of the Cuban Medical Cooperation in Guyana

Cuban Ambassador to Guyana, Narciso Amador Socorro, participated in the analysis meeting of the Cuban Medical Brigade (BMC) in that country in 2017.  The head of the diplomatic mission congratulated the collaborators whose work has also been recognized by the Pan American Health Organization and Guyana's Ministry of Public Health. The BMC is made up of 196 professionals, 55 percent of whom are women. In 2017 the BMC cared for a total of 391,617 patients and saved 9,418 lives. During the meeting, representatives of Cuban medical cooperation and Embassy officials paid tribute to the National Hero José Martí and the leader of the Cuban Revolution Commander-in-Chief Fidel Castro Ruz, who inspired internationalism and educated generations of Cubans, always present. Thank you Fidel


Ambassador of Cuba in Guyana presents his Letters of Credence

Embajador Cuba en Guyana presente cartas credenciales

Georgetown, January 31, 2018. In a solemn ceremony held at the State House, the President of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana, His Excellency Mr. David Arthur Granger, received the Letters of Credence  from the new Ambassador of Cuba, Narciso Reinaldo Amador Socorro.

In his words of welcome to the Ambassador,  President Granger said that Guyana remains firm in the position it assumed when establishing diplomatic relations with Cuba.  He said that  his country still holds firmly to that position, which it took 45 years ago. “Guyana’s stands in solidarity with the Government and people of Cuba in its resistance to economic aggression. We stand in support of the right of Cuba to determine its own destiny free from provocation and intimidation.


Tribute to the National Hero of Cuba on the occasion of his 165th birthday.

The Cuban Ambassador, along with representatives of the medical and educational collaboration and workers of the Cuban Embassy in Georgetown, Guyana, placed a bouquet of white roses in front of the bust of the National Hero, José Martí, located in the diplomatic mission headquarters.


Emotive remembrance and commitment to the legacy of Fidel in Guyana.

Guyana, November 24, 2017. - Cubans and Guyanese paid tribute of remembrance to the Historical Leader of the Cuban Revolution on the first anniversary of his physical disappearance in the historic Umana Yana center that Fidel visited in 1973.

As part of the homage program, the ambassadors of Cuba and Venezuela in Guyana, Julio César González Marchante and Reina Díaz Arratia, symbolically placed a whreath representing the Cuban flag under an image of Fidel; a minute of silence was observed and the documentary "Fidel is Fidel" by Cuban filmmaker Roberto Chile was presented.