Embassy of Cuba in Greece

We are grateful for the interest of friends of Cuba and Cubans residing in Greece who have been interested in supporting Cuba in times of pandemic and intensification of the blockade. Cuba has always contributed and in turn has accepted international solidarity. You can donate and support Cuba at Account with the BFI opened on November 25, 2020 Account: 0300000005336242 Title: EMERGENCY DONATIONS SWIFT code: BFICCUHHXXX

From Greece the banks have rejected transfers from Greek friends to this account. Therefore there is the alternative of donating through MediCuba Europe. If you are interested, please contact the Cuban embassy in Athens by email. secretaria@embacuba.gr and you will be informed about the details.

Let us unite all and all for the benefit of Cubans. The money from the donations helps Cuba to acquire the necessary materials for the pandemic. Embassies and consulates cannot receive physical donations at their headquarters. Donors must take care of the shipment to Cuba, assuming the expenses, and following the established procedures (see procedures below). The donated material resources are exempt from paying customs duties in Cuba. Donations must be to entities or institutions (juridical entities), not to specific natural persons. Any doubt or interest you can write to: donacionescuba@mincex.gob.cu Or to: secretaria@embacuba.gr Are needed: 1 ml plastic syringe w / 23 G needle x 1 inch long N95 or similar protection masks Face Shields Nitrile gloves of measures M and L for sampling and laboratory work. Surgical Masks Filter tips in the 0-10 ul, 0-200 ul and 1000 ul ranges Over robes 1.5 ml and 0.2 ml vials. #ViviremosYVenceremos Procedures established on offering donations to face COVID-19: 1. Donor offer, in writing. Letter of intent for the donation sent by the donor to the institution that will receive the donation DATE Name of donation recipient institution Letter content: I hereby inform you of the intention to make a donation consisting of and for what (what is the donation and for which institution? That is important). This donation amounts to ______________ and will be made with funds from _________________________________________. Yours sincerely, Name and surname of the donor Stamped and signed 2. List that includes: Description of each product, physical quantity according to the unit of measure and the actual or estimated value. 3. Route to send the donation to Cuba and approximate date of shipment. Based on this information, Dr. Nestor Marimón, Director of International Relations of the Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP), will be able to analyze its acceptance and request approval from MINCEX. As soon as the request is received, we will act immediately to present the authorization. In the case of donations of medicines and medical equipment, there are requirements of the MINSAP regulatory authorities, such as: Medicines: scientific name, trade name, manufacturer, production date, batch number, expiration date, certificate of chemical analysis. Medical equipment: brand, year of manufacture, electrical system, technical status, a photo should be added if possible. Supplies or expendable material: they do not require additional information, only list them in the list as indicated in point 2. Consignment to IMPORTING COMPANY Consignee to: MEDICUBA S.A. Contacts: Dr. Armando Garrido PRESIDENT MEDICUBA S.A. Mobile: 53-52178039 Office Tel: 53-78305955 SLATE 78305960 SLATE EXT. 301 302 president@medicuba.cu Rafael Ernesto Cañete, Operations Department Tel. Office: 78305964 Ext. 622 and 619 operations19@medicuba.cu Direction: Calle 2 No. 352 between 15 and 17 Vedado, Plaza de la Revolución, Havana - CUBA The donor must maintain communication with Companion Rafael Ernesto Cañete, of MEDICUBA SA, on the coordination for the shipment, every time he receives import authorization (OM number of MINCEX, that the exit number of the approval letter). This letter of approval of the donation is from the Minister of MINCEX to the heads of Cuban institutions or legal entity in charge of receiving the donation. A copy of this communication is sent to the designated importing company, the general customs of the republic, the BCC, the MEP and the Cuban embassies abroad involved in the donation, as appropriate. MINSAP is responsible for the distribution of the resources corresponding to its agency. NOTE: The donor assumes the payment of the freight. Donations are tax free for entry into the country. Donations to natural persons are not accepted. Important: If the donation is not for COVID, but rather includes other items, the same procedure must be done, but with the appropriate recipient, who must complete the procedures with the MINCEX Collaboration Division. EL MEP es el responsable de la distribución de los recursos que no son para MINSAP