Cuba in Gambia

Daily Observer publishes article about effects of the blockade in the agriculture

Cuban farmers

Banjul, October 10, 2016.- Gambian newspaper Daily Observer published an extensive article in his Commentary section entitled "US embargo leaves Cuban farmers waiting for modernity", which assures that “nowhere in Cuba are the effect of the continuing US economic embargo more apparent than in the countryside, where farming cooperatives relay on outdated tools and processing plants can´t obtain spare parts”.

Gambian newspaper published excerpts of the Cuban report on the blockade

Raul Castro

Gambia, October 5, 2016. - In a full page article titled "United States blockade against Cuba after the establishment of diplomatic relations in December 2014", Gambian newspaper The Standard published a summary on the main economic, financial and commercial measures against the island in this period.

The summary includes repercussions of blockade policy on Cuban and third party entities to the detriment of the normal functioning of important sectors of the island and the human rights of the Cuban people, even after President Barak Obama´s visit to the Caribbean island.

Cuban Ambassador to The Gambia denounces the permanence of the blockade

Stop Bloqueo

Gambia, September 28, 2016.- The Cuban Ambassador to the Islamic Republic of The Gambia, Lázaro Herrera, offered plentiful information about the United States blockade against Cuba which continuity was denounced during a meeting with the Managing Director of the Daily Observer newspaper organized in the diplomatic mission. Daily Observer is the main newspaper in The Gambia.