Cuba in Ethiopia

Cuban Ambassador meet the Health Minister of South Sudan

Addis Ababa.  The Ambassador of Cuba to Ethiopia and designate to the Republic of South Sudan received at the Embassy, the Minister of Health of the last mentioned conuntry,


During the meeting, both parties analized the bilateral relations including the possibilities of cooperation. 


On January 17, the General Police Cadets School Francisco de Paula Santader was the target of a car bomb attack that took a toll on the lives of 21 persons and injured another 68.

Cuba in the Diplomatic Bazaar

Addis Ababa. The Cuban Embassy to Ethiopia participated in the Diplomatic Bazaar hosted in the U,N compound in this city.

A large display of Cuban traditional drinks as Mojitos, Cuba Libre and guarapo as well as textiles, crafts, cigars and othre items were enjoyed by the public.

An aficionado mucical group animated the Cuban stand and finally a Cuban conga mobilisez the public to dance with the music of Alexander Abreu and Havana de Primera.