Cuba in Ethiopia

Cuba in the Diplomatic Bazaar

Addis Ababa. The Cuban Embassy to Ethiopia participated in the Diplomatic Bazaar hosted in the U,N compound in this city.

A large display of Cuban traditional drinks as Mojitos, Cuba Libre and guarapo as well as textiles, crafts, cigars and othre items were enjoyed by the public.

An aficionado mucical group animated the Cuban stand and finally a Cuban conga mobilisez the public to dance with the music of Alexander Abreu and Havana de Primera.

Meeting between Cuba and China Ambassadors to the African Union

Addis Ababa.  The Ambassadors of Cuba to the African Union, H.E: Mr. Angel Villa and the Chinese Ambassador to the organizaion, H.E. Mr. Liu Xuyi meet to exchange on the AU outcomes and the Cuba and China relations.

Both Ambassadors also commented on issues of the international agenda.


Addis Ababa. The second anniversary of the passing of the Commander in Chief of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro Ruz, was conmemorated in a special tribute at the Embassy of Cuba in Ethiopia.

In attendance, all the Cubans cooperants working in the capital, Cubans living in Ethiopia as well as a large group of the Ethio-Cubans.

The Secretary General of the House of the People´s Representative received the Chargé d´ Affairs a.i, of Cuba

Addis Ababa, 9 November 2018.  The Secretary General of the House of the People´s Representative, Hon. Dr. Misrat Mekonnen receive at Parlament H.E. Mr.Angel Villa, Chargé d´Affairs a.i. of the Cuban Embassy.

Both parties exchanged on the possibilities to continue expanding the parliamentary exchanges between both countries.

The occasion served also to present a congratulatory message sent by H.E. Mr. Esteban Lazo, President of the National Assembly of People´s Power of Cuba addressed to the Honourable Mr. Tagesse Chafo, who was recently appinted to that high position.

Africa against the US blockade

New York, November 1st  :  The UN General Assembly approved the resolution "Necessity to end the economic, financial and commercial embargo of the United States of America against Cuba" by 185 votes in favour and two against (the US and Israel as usual).

All the 54 Un African Member States voted in favour of the Cuban text. Even the eight ammendements proposed by the US were clearly defeated.