Cuba in Ethiopia

The Cuban Embasy to Ethiopia celebrates the International Women´s Day

Addis Abeba.  The females within the Cuban and Ethiopian staff of the Embassy of Cuba in this country were recognized on the occasion of March 8th : the International Women´s Day.

The First Secretary of the diplomatic mission, Mr. German Acosta highlighted that for a second occasion in the history of the relations between Cuba and Ethiopia, the Cuban Embassy in this country is headed by a female.     

Cuban Vice President paid a short visit to Ethiopia

Addis Abeba.  The Vice President of the Council of State of Cuba, H.E, Mrs Mercedes López Acea paid a transit visit to Ethiopia as part of her tour to Africa. She arrived from Ghana in destination to the Seychelles and had the opportunity to interact with the staff of the Embassy of Cuba in Addis Abeba.


Addis Abeba, 8 February, 2018. The Minister of Water, Irrigation and Electricity of the Federak Democratic Republic of Ethiopia H.E. Eng. Seleshi  Bekele,  received the Cuban Ambassador H.E. Mrs. Vilma Thomas.

The meeting served to exchange on the possibilities of establishing bilateral cooperation between the two countries in this field.  Both countries signed an Memorando of Understanding in July 2014.

Ethiopians celebrated the 35th anniversary of their graduation in Cuba

Addis Abeba, February 3rd, 2018.  The members of the "Granma 72" Association celebrated the 35th anniversary of the first group graduated in Cuba.  In the event, the Ethio-Cubans highlighted the important experiences and teachings received while they studied in the Inter Army Academy General "José Maceo"  in the province of Santiago de Cuba.