Cuba in Ethiopia

First Vicepresiden of Cuba meet the Speaker of the House of Representatives of

Addis Ababa, 31 May 2019.  The Speaker of the House of Representatives of Ethiopia, Hon. Mr. Tagese Chafo received the First Vicepresident fo Cuba, H.E. Mr. Salvador Valdés Mesa.

Both parties exchanged on the experiences on both contries, as well as on the need to reinforce the Parlamentary exchanges between Cuba and Ethiopia.   

The First Cuban Vicepresident meet the Cubans and Ethio-Cubans

Addis Ababa, 30 May 2019.  The First Vicepresident of Cuba, H.E. Mr. Salvador Valdés Mesa held a fraternal  encounter with the Cubans working and living in Ehiopia, as well as the former Ethiopian students identified themselves as Ethio-Cubans.

The Cuban leader explained the recent developments in the country after the approval of the new Constitution and the immediate plans in order to secure a strong economic base for the present and future of the Cuban nation.

First Vice President of Cuba received at the African Union Commission

Addis Ababa, 30 May 2019.  The First Vice president of Cuba was received at the African Ujnion Commission by its Deputy Chairperson H.E. Mr. Kwesi Quartey.

The friendly exchange between both parties served to ratifiy the strong bonds of friendship and cooperation between Cuba and Africa.  New initiatives were discussed in order to fulfill the Memorando of Understanding signed in 2015.

The Cuban First Vicepresident donated a painting for the new AU building that represent the first presence of the African diaspora in the corridors of the continental venue.

First Cuban Vice President paid homage to Cuban internationalists.

Addis Ababa, 30 May 2019.  The First Vicepresident of Cuba, H.E. Mr. Salvador Valdés Mesa paid homage to Cuban internationalists and Ethiopian combatants fallen during the campaign to preserve the territorial integrity and sovereignity of Ethiopia at the Ethio-Cuban Friendship Park.

Two wreath were laid in front of the photos of the 163 Cuban internationalists, and one was deposited in front of the monument erected to remenber the fallen Ethiopians.

First Cuban Vicepresident confers with the Foreign Minister of Ethiopia

Addis Ababa, 29 May 2019.  The Foreign Minister of Ethiopia, Gedu Andergechaw exchanged with the Forst Vicepresident of Cuba, H.E.. Mr. Salvador Valdés Mesa as part of his program in Ehiopia.

Both parties ratified the commitment to continue strenghthening relations and working together to expand cooperation.

Ethiopia ratified its stance against the blockade.