Cuba in Egypt

Statement by the Revolutionary Government: Cuba condemns fresh attacks by Israel against the Palestinian people

The Revolutionary Government of the Republic of Cuba vehemently condemns the criminal attack on the defenseless Palestinian population in the Gaza Strip, by the Israeli Army which has killed at least 52 people and left over 2,400 injured.

This act constitutes another serious and flagrant violation of the UN Charter and international humanitarian law, and a new outrage against the Palestinian people.

Declaration of the Workers' Central Union of Cuba in solidarity with Palestine

Havana, May 15th, 2018

“Year 60 of the Revolution”


The Workers’ Central Union of Cuba and its trade union branches wishes to express its more forceful sentence to the recent offensive of Israeli government against the Palestinian population in the Gaza strip, that has caused tens of people's death and thousands of wounded persons in visible violation of the UN Magna Carta and the International Humanitarian Right and it is a new outrage against the Palestinian people.

Sudan-Cuba Sign Health Cooperation Agreement

Federal Minister of Health, Bahr Idriss Abu-Garda has affirmed the government keenness to develop bilateral relations between Sudan and Cuba, especially, in health and medical cooperation.

Abu-Garda who signed, Wednesday, the Health Cooperation Agreement with his Cuban counterpart during the Cuban Health Conference, in Havana, said the government gives due concern to the promotion of the health and medical performance, adding that the agreement will achieve the targeted goals.