Cuba in Egypt

Cairo Governor received Cuban Ambassador

Cairo. In the morning of Monday, Cairo Governor, H.E. Mr. Ing. Atef Abdel Hamid, received at the headquarters of the Government, the Cuban Ambassador Laureano Rodríguez Castro.
The representative of the greater of the Antilles, thanked the Gobernor and expressed their wishes of work by develop and strengthen relations between Cuba and Egypt in all spheres of mutual interest.

Messages of the Government of the Republic of Cuba about Peace and Nuclear Disarmament

. Cuba believes that the mere existence of nuclear arms is a threat against humanity.  The use of a tiny part of the over 16,000 existing nuclear weapons, of which 4,000 are operational, would have catastrophic consequences for our planet. 


• We reaffirm the urgent necessity of attaining total elimination of nuclear weapons in a transparent, irreversible and verifiable manner with a multilaterally agreed timetable.