Cuba in Egypt

Embassy of Cuba in Egypt denounces in press conference the aggressive policy of blockade

At almost one week near from the voting at the United Nations General Assembly, the Cuban Embassy in Egypt held a press conference at the headquarters of this diplomatic representation ​​which showed the strengthening of the blockade, which remains intact, and the setback in the diplomatic relations between Cuba and the United States under the Administration of President Donald Trump.

50 years without Che ... Tribute to the Guerrilla Fighter in Cairo

50 years after Che's death, the Cuban Embassy in Egypt paid homage to the Heroic Guerrilla Fighter on October 14 in Cairo with the collaboration of the Egypt- Latin America and Egypt-Cuba Friendship Associations, the Syndicate of Journalists of Egypt and the Al-Ahram newspaper.The validity of Che's legacy and his ties to the Arab nation from his visits to Egypt in 1959 and 1965 were the focus of the speeches made by some of the personalities participating in the event.

The Ambassador of Palestine receives the Ambassador of Cuba

Cairo, September 13 - The Ambassador of the State of Palestine in Egypt, Gamal Al-Shobaky, received the Ambassador of Cuba, Laureano Rodríguez Castro, at the headquarters of his embassy and held a friendly exchange on the relations between both countries, issues of bilateral interest and the regional situation.

Celebrated in Egypt the National Rebellion day

Cairo, July 27th, 2017.- At the headquarters of the Cuban Embassy in Cairo, the Association of Cuban residents, with workers of the State mission, members of the diplomatic corps and Egyptian friends, celebrated the 64 anniversary of the assault on the Moncada and Carlos Manuel de Céspedes barracks.