Cuba in Egypt

Visit to the Ain Shams University

The Ambassador of Cuba in Egypt Tania Aguiar Fernández visited the Ain Shams University and held an exchange on Cuban culture with the students and teachers of the Spanish Department of the Faculty of Languages.

Meeting with the Vice President of the National Authority for Adult Education

The Ambassador of Cuba in Egypt Tania Aguiar Fernández held a friendly and fruitful meeting with Kamal Saudi, Vice-President of the National Authority for Adult Education, where the progress of Cuba in the fight against illiteracy was recognized thanks to the application of the method "Yes, I can".

The characteristics and results obtained through the application of this method, recognized by UNESCO, were explained by the Ambassador.

Specialists and managers involved in the fight against illiteracy in the country also attended the meeting.

Official Announcement of the IV Conference on “The Nation and Emigration”

The “78 Dialogue”, promoted by the Historical Leader of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro Ruz, represented the beginning of a continuous and irreversible rapprochement between Cuba and the Cuban community abroad; it has been strengthened with the passage of time and the holding of three “The Nation and Emigration” Conferences whose fundamental premise was synthesized by Fidel over 4 decades ago when he declared: “(…) the Community must be respected. The Community exists. The Community is a force and the Community is to be taken into account.”

Celebration in Egypt of the 61st anniversary of the Triumph of the Cuban Revolution

On the occasion of the 61th anniversary of the triumph of the Cuban Revolution on January 1st, 2020, the Embassy of Cuba held a reception this December 8th that was attended by representatives of the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, members of the diplomatic corps, members of the Cuban community resident in the country and Egyptian friends.

تهانينا من رئيس جمعية الصداقة المصرية الكوبية بمناسبة انتصار الثورة

حضرة صاحبة السعادة سفيرة جمهورية كوبا بالقاهرة
باسم جمعية الصداقة المصرية - الكوبية. يسعدنى ان اتوجه بالتهنئة القلبية الى جمهورية كوبا الصديقة، قيادة وحكومة وشعبا ، بمناسبة الاحتفال بعيد الثورة.
وبهذه المناسبة، اود ان اؤكد كامل الدعم والتأييد من جانب الجمعية للأصدقاء فى جمهورية كوبا الصديقة. فى مواقفها العادلة تجاه ما تعانيه من حصار اقتصادى وسياسى امريكى ظالم. فى الوقت نفسه، فان الجمعية تثمن عاليا الجهود المصرية- الكوبية المشتركة لدفع اواصر الصداقة والتعاون بين البلدين بما يلبى طموحات الشعبين الشقيقين.
كمال جاب الله