The Cuban Revolution reiterates its resolute determination to confront the aggressive U.S. escalation, and prevail

Revolutionary Government Declaration

Today, April 17, is the anniversary of the launching of the United State’s 1961 military invasion at Playa Girón. (Bay of Pigs) The Cuban people’s resolute response in defense of the Revolution and socialism, within only 72 hours, produced the first military defeat of imperialism in America.

Strangely, the date was chosen by the current U.S. government to announce new aggressive measures against Cuba and to reinforce their implementation of the Monroe Doctrine.

The Revolutionary Government rejects, in the strongest terms possible, the decision to now allow action to be taken in U.S. courts against Cuban and foreign entities, and to aggravate impediments to entering the United States faced by leaders and families of companies that legitimately invest in Cuba, in properties that were nationalized. These are actions established in the Helms-Burton Ac,t which was denounced long ago by the international community, and which the Cuban nation has repudiated since its promulgation and implementation in 1996, with the fundamental goal of imposing colonial tutelage on our country.

Cubans living in Guyana hold a meeting with the Director General of Consular Affairs and Cubans Resident Abroad

Georgetown, April 10, 2019. At the  Embassy of Cuba in this capital took place  a meeting between a group of Cuban citizens living in Guyana and their families with Ambassador,  Ernesto Soberón Guzmán , Director General of Consular Affairs and Cubans Resident Abroad ( DACCRE) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cuba, Yanet Stable Cárdenas,  Director of Immigration Policy and Attention to Cubans Residents Abroad, and Major Tatiana  Pupo Gómez, , Head of Information and Analysis of the Division of Identification, Immigration and Foreigners of the Ministry of the Interior as well as  officials of the Embassy of Cuba in Georgetown.

Soberón, updated the participants on the new measures taken by the division he directs in order to guarantee an orderly, legal and safe migration flow with the aim of avoiding human trafficking and trafficking in persons which,  in some occasions,  have affected the nationals of our country.

Cuba calls for a mobilization against imperialist interventions in Latin America, and for peace

The revolutionary government reiterates its solidarity with Constitutional Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro Moros, the Bolivarian Chavista Revolution, and the civic-military union, calling on all people and governments of the world to defend peace

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february 20, 2019 08:02:29

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cuba, Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla, during a press conference yesterday, called on the United Nations (UN) to back the sovereignty of the Venezuelan people and not allow, under any circumstances, interference in the internal affairs of that nation, or violations of international law.

Unilateral, illegal measures, such as those being taken against the sister Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, along with an aggressive communications and political campaign, are generally the prelude to larger-scale actions by the U.S. government, Rodríguez noted.

Cuba calls for a mobilization for peace, against imperialist intervention in Latin America, against war, setting aside political or ideological differences. "In these circumstances you can only be in favor of peace and against war," the minister said.

Commemorated the Second Anniversary of the Regional Centre for Development Stimulation of Children, Adolescents and Youth with Special Educational Needs Associated with Disabilities

Within the framework of the celebrations for CARICOM - Cuba Day and on the occasion of the Second Anniversary of the signing of the agreement between Guyana, CARICOM and Cuba for the creation of the Regional Centre for Development Stimulation of Children, Adolescents and Youth with Special Educational Needs Associated with Disabilities, the authorities of the Ministries of Education, Public Health and Foreign Affairs of Guyana, together with officials of the Embassy of Cuba and the Cuban Medical Brigade recognized the work of both the Cuban and Guyanese teams of specialists working in the aforementioned facility, which is a model of the close relationship between CARICOM and Cuba, and an example of the possibilities of South-South cooperation.


Relatives of the Center’s patients recognized the progress of the children and adolescents and had words of appreciation to the team of specialists. The Coordinator of the Program for the Guyanese part, Mr. Keon Cheong, recognized, on behalf of the Ministry of Education of Guyana, the work developed by the Cuban specialists. The Chief of the Cuban team of specialists, Dr. Jorge Duvalón, showed a multimedia that summarizes the most significant events in the history of the Centre and its main results achieved to the present.


The Ambassador of Cuba affirmed that in two years of work the results are appreciable, both in the work of direct attention to children, adolescents, young people and their families, as well as in the preparation and training of Guyanese personnel, which will allow sustainability and expansion of the Program to the rest of the CARICOM member countries.

Statement to mark CARICOM-Cuba Day, 8 December 2018

The 8th of December 2018 marks the Forty-Sixth Anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Barbados, Guyana, Jamaica, and Trinidad and Tobago, the four CARICOM countries independent at that time, and Cuba.  That historic and courageous act of 8 December 1972 has grown over the years into a strong fraternal relationship between all the Member States of the Caribbean Community and Cuba.

The friendly and close relationship that unites CARICOM and Cuba is a shining example of South-South Cooperation.  This is continuously refreshed by regular bilateral interactions as well as by our collaboration in hemispheric and international fora. CARICOM Member States are consistent in supporting Cuba at the United Nations in their battle against the unjust economic and financial embargo imposed on the island by the United States.

Massacre in the Caribbean Sea

Speech delivered by Hon, Moses Nagamootoo, Prime Minister and First Vice-President of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana at Cubana air disaster monument, University of Guyana campus, October 6, 2018



“We have an explosion on board… We have fire abroad”.

Those were among the last words from Captain Wilfredo Perez as he radioed to the control tower at the then Seawell Airport in Barbados.

Those last words were conclusive testimony that Cubana Air Flight CU455 did not go down as the result of an accident. They were an indictment of the terrorists who had planted bombs on board the Cubana passenger aircraft on that fateful and tragic October 6, 1976.   

The aircraft had left Guyana, and was en route to Cuba with stops in Trinidad, Barbados and Jamaica. But minutes after take-off from Barbados, it went down in the Caribbean Sea.  All 73 persons on board were killed. There were 57 Cubans, 5 Koreans and 11 Guyanese on board.

The Guyanese were :-

Eric Norton, 18 years old;

Ann Nelson, 18;

Seshnarine Kumar, 18;

Jacqueline Williams, 19; and

Rawle Thomas, 18 – all students on their way to study in Cuba, with relatives Violet Thomas and Rita Thomas.

9 year-old Sabrina Harripaul; Margaret Bradshaw, and Gordon Sobha, an Economist.

Our entire nation would remember the shock and horror of that day. We would continue to collectively share the grief and loss over the calculated mass murder, the massacre, of our Guyanese compatriots, citizens of the Republic of Cuba and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

As we collectively mourned our dead, I vividly recall Fidel Castro, then President of Cuba, saying, “when our grief is multiplied, injustice trembles”.

Guyana and Cuba will strengthen and expand their bilateral relations

Georgetown, June 13, 2018. The Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs of Cuba held a working meeting with the Director General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Guyana, Ambassador Audrey Waddell. On the Guyanese side, a broad representation of officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other government institutions participated in the meeting; on the Cuban side, the Director of Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Jorge Luis Mayo Fernández, and the Ambassador of Cuba, Narciso Reinaldo Amador Socorro, attended.

Guyana, Cuba to enhance bilateral relations -President Granger accepts invitation to visit Cuba

Georgetown, Guyana – (June 13, 2018) President David Granger and Cuba’s Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Rogelio Sierra Diaz, who is currently on an official visit to Guyana, today, committed to enhancing the relations between the two countries through increased collaboration and cooperation in areas such as health, environmental conservation, disaster management and tourism. President Granger also accepted an invitation from the President of Cuba, Mr. Miguel Diaz-Canel to visit his country at a date to be determined.

During the meeting held at State House, President Granger said since establishing diplomatic ties on December 8, 1972, Guyana and Cuba have enjoyed a strong friendship based on shared trust, respect and mutual understanding.

 “There is a large Cuban brigade here in Guyana and there is substantial interaction through CELAC [Community of Latin American and Caribbean States] and other regional bodies, so we regard this not only as a continuation but a reaffirmation of our historic friendship. We will continue to collaborate. We have always supported Cuba and the removal of the blockade. Since the establishment of diplomatic ties in 1972, we have witnessed the maturity of our relationship,” the Head of State said.

Source: Department of Public Information of Guyana (DPI) 

Prime Minister of Guyana Hon. Mr. Moses Veerasammy Nagamootoo receives the Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs of Cuba, Rogelio Sierra Díaz

Georgetown, June 13, 2018. The Hon. Mr. Moses Veerasammy Nagamootoo, Prime Minister and First Vice President of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana, received in his personal office on Wednesday, the Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs of Cuba, Rogelio Sierra Díaz, who is visiting Georgetown with the aim of holding talks with the Guyanese authorities to strengthen and expand relations between the two Caribbean nations.

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Cuba pays courtesy visit to the Hon. Mr. Bharrat Jagdeo

Georgetown, June 13, 2018. The Hon. Bharrat Jagdeo, General Secretary of the People's Progressive Party and Member of Parliament, received on Wednesday in his personal office the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Cuba, Rogelio Sierra Díaz, who is visiting Guyana with the aim of strengthening and expanding bilateral relations between the two Caribbean nations.


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