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Cuba presents report on impact of U.S. blockade this past year

Canciller Cubauba

Cuba’s Foreign Minister, Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla, offers a press conference September 20 to present the country’s report to the General Assembly outlining the full impact of the U.S. blockade over this last year. The resolution entitled “The need to end the economic, commercial, and financial blockade imposed by the United States of America against Cuba” will be presented for the 28th time to the United Nations General Assembly, where the international community has repeatedly expressed its support for the island and condemnation of the hostile U.S. policy.

US Actions against Cuba doomed to Fail, South African Leader

Pretoria, 1st July, 2019 (Prensa Latina).- The tightening of US actions against Cuba was considered as unjust, illegal and destined to fail since these ones will be unable to achieve the coveted change of rule Washington is seeking.

Member of the leadership of the Friends of Cuba Society (FOCUS) Lefika Chetty expressed that the Donald Trump administration took advantage from Venezuela’s issues to put more pressure on the island and cause great difficulties in its economy.

Declaration in rejection of the blockade of the Association of South African Doctors Graduated in Cuba from KwaZulu-Natal

Kwazulu-Natal Cuban Trained Doctors Association

I hope this communication finds you well, it has been some time since we have communicated. I wish to reiterate our commitment as an organization in ensuring our visibility and support to the Cuban People.

Cubans and Ethio-Cubans witnessed the debate on the U.S. blockade to Cuba

Addis Abeba, October 31st, 2018. The diplomatic personnel of the Embassy of Cuba in Ethipia and the cooperants,  accompanied by a group of Ethio-Cubans as well as the Ambassadors of Venezuela and Ecuador, witnessed the debate of the U.N. General Assembly on the U.S. blockade to Cuba.

The Cuban Ambassador to Ethiopia explained the new scenario of this year when the U.S. has presented eight ammenments to the Cuba's Draft Resolution which are unjustified and unnacceptables.

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