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Promoting Cuban culture.

Wellington, February 20. Personnel from the Cuban Embassy participated in the annual picnic in Island Bay, organized by the cultural project "CubanFusion" directed by Cuban Rafael Ferrer and his wife Rosina.

On this occasion, the young Cuban dancer Ana Gallardo, soloist dancer of the Royal Ballet of New Zealand, joined.

Many attendees from the most diverse parts of the world shared a summer day and enjoyed Cuban music and dances.



Cuban Ambassador meets with Mayor of Rotorua.

Rotorua, January 29. Cuban Ambassador Edgardo Valdés met with H.W Steve Chadwick, Mayor of the tourist city Rotorua, to coordinate the celebration of the "Rotorua Cuban Festival" on March 6.

The festival's artistic director, the Cuban dancer Greydis Montero, also participated.

Although this year teachers and dancers from Australia will not be able to attend, everything is ready for a reduced, but equally successful edition of this festival of Afro-Cuban music and dance.


Cuban residents commemorate the birth of José Martí at the Cuban Embassy.

Wellington, January 24. As is now a tradition, the Cubans residing in Wellington gathered at the Cuban Embassy to commemorate the birth of José Martí.

The Consul, Dalila Vazquez, remembered Martí as a figure that unites Cubans.

Throughout Sunday afternoon, the small Cuban community in the city, their families, and the Embassy staff shared a traditional Cuban meal and music, in an atmosphere of friendship and also longing for our homeland.


The Director General of Consular Affairs and Cuban Residents Abroad announces measures to strengthen ties between Cuba and its nationals abroad.

Havana, November 17. Ernesto Soberón, general director of Consular Affairs and Cuban Residents Abroad of the Cuban Foreign Ministry, highlighted that “with the recent reopening of the José Martí International Airport, the main gateway for international travelers to Cuba, which joins the rest of international air terminals in our country open up new opportunities for the return of our nationals abroad, which will happen gradually depending on the reestablishment of the different flight frequencies ".

Cuban dancer nominated for the New Zealand Latin Award 2020.

Wellington, November 3. Cuban dancer Greydis Montero, who for years has promoted Afro-Cuban dances in New Zealand, has been nominated for the New Zealand Latino Award 2020 .

Greydis is the artistic director of the successful Rotorua Cuban Festival, which annually attracts dancers, musicians and fans from all over New Zealand and Australia.

Like her, several resident Cuban musicians and dancers, proud of their roots, successfully promote our culture thousands of kilometers from the island.



Celebrations for Cuban culture close at a party at the Cuban Embassy.


Wellington, October 24. After several presentations by the group "Son de Cuba" and salsa classes from the "Cuba Fusion" project, in the context of celebrations for Cuban culture, Cuban residents, family and friends met on Saturday at the Cuban Embassy.

With music, food and traditional Cuban drinks, it was an afternoon of joys and anecdotes with a little nostalgia for our homeland.


Ambassador of Cuba visits Napier.


Napier, October 17. The Cuban Ambassador, Edgardo Valdés López, visited the city of Napier, where he met with the mayor, H.W Kristen Wise.

In a friendly conversation, they exchanged about Cuba and Napier and evaluated possible forms of cooperation, particularly in the cultural sphere and the promotion of tourism.

Cuban Culture celebrations began in New Zealand.

Wellington, October 10. With a presentation by the Cuban traditional music group "Son de Cuba" the beginning of the Cuban War of Independence was commemorated and the celebrations of Cuban Culture began, which will last until the 24th.

"Son de Cuba" performed in “El Barrio.Latino Bar", promoting center of Latin culture in Wellington.

On Sunday the 11th the "Cuba Fusion" project, which celebrates 15 years of spreading our traditional dances, offers a free salsa class for its many followers.

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