Cuba in Canada

Celebrated in Toronto the 61 anniversary of the triumph of the Revolution

Toronto, January 4, 2020 - This Saturday night an event was held to celebrate 61 years of the Revolution, organized by the CCFA Toronto, the Juan Gualberto Gomez Association of Cubans and Latin American friends in permanent solidarity with Cuba.

The Ambassador of Cuba to Canada, Josefina Vidal highlighted the achievements of the Revolution, the obstacles faced, the future challenges and the unwavering determination of our people and government to succeed. 

Cuba Marches On! Cuba Resists! Cuba Wins!

Sixty-one years! It is sixty-one years since the triumph of the Cuban Revolution. Sixty-one years in which Cuba definitively and defiantly embarked on a path that established authentic self-determination, placing the Cuban nation firmly in the hands of its people.

It is profoundly poignant that the Cuban Revolution has not only outlasted 11-U.S. presidential administrations but has also existed longer than the U.S. neocolony that was imposed on the people of Cuba in 1898.

Cuba and Canada explore business opportunities in the sectors of industry and energy.

Ottawa, November 27, 2019.- A sectoral delegation of industry and energy, headed by Mr. Yuri Viamontes, Deputy Minister of Energy and Mines of Cuba, visits Canada between November 25 and 29, 2019. The delegation carries out an intensive work program in the provinces of Ontario and Quebec.

The Cuban delegation held meetings with several local companies interested in developing joint ventures, high-level officials from the Ministries of Economy, Science and Innovation and International Relations, Quebec Investment and the provincial government.