Cuba in Canada

Exhibited Cuban film "Not like before" in Toronto

Toronto, May 17th.- The Cuban film "Ya no es Antes", directed by the renowned director Lester Hamlet, was presented on Wednesday, May 16 at the University of Toronto, in the context of a Forum Film organized by the Hispanic Canadian Heritage Council.

Cuba attends the first Americas Cultural Summit in Ottawa.

Ottawa, May 14.- From May 9 to 11, the first Americas Cultural Summit was held in Ottawa, Canada, which brought together leaders in the field of public financing for the arts and culture in order to analyze their role and impact on the rise of cultural citizenship.

Cuban and Caribbean culture come together for the same cause

Toronto, April 30, 2018.- On Friday, April 27th, the Canadian Network on Cuba (CNC), in collaboration with the Cuba - Canada Friendship Association of Toronto and the Association of Cuban residents in this city "Juan Gualberto Gómez", among other organizations in solidarity with the island, organized a cultural event that welcomed Caribbean and Latin American artists united in a common feeling: Cuba.