Cuba in Bulgaria

Call for the Association of Cuban Residents in Bulgaria to his members to the XII Meeting of Cubans Residents in Europe.

The Vice President of the Association of Cuban Residents in Bulgaria, Amaury Gorrin called its members to participate in the XII Meeting of Cubans Residents in Europe that this year will be held in Milan from 20 to 22 October 2017.

The call was made during the activity for the Children's Day in Bulgaria, celebrated in the Cuban Embassy for children descendants of Cubans .

Ambassador Pedro Pablo San Jorge Rodríguez welcomed the Cuban residents and their families and encouraged them to participate at the regional meeting in Milan.

Launch of the Book "Cuba, Charming and Indomitable"

As part of the commemorations for the 56th Anniversary of the Bay of Pigs the launch of the book "Cuba, enchanting and indomitable" written by Boris METODIEV, was carried out in the Club of the Confederation of Independent Trade Unions Bulgarians.

Members of the Bulgarian Socialist Party, of the Bulgaria-Cuba Friendship Association, former Bulgarian ambassadors to Cuba and Latin America and other friends who studied or worked for many years in our country attended the activity.

Promotion of Business Opportunities in Cuba

The Cuban Ambassador Pedro Pablo San Jorge held a meeting in the "Club President" of Bulgaria, with Mladen Velkov, President of the Club and some of its members interested in exploring business opportunities in our country.
During the meeting, the Ambassador made a presentation of the Foreign Investment Law and the Decree Law on the Special Zone of Mariel, as well as the main projects included in the "Portfolio of Projects" approved as prioritized for 2017.