Cuba in Belize

Thirteen Students leave on scholarships for Cuba

The Embassy of Cuba and the Government of Belize today held a farewell ceremony for thirteen young Belizeans travelling to Cuba to pursue studies in medicine, dentistry and health technologies as part of the CUBA – CARICOM program through which Cuba provides scholarships to citizens of its sister nations in CARICOM.  The ceremony was hosted at the Embassy of Cuba in Belize City where Cuba’s Ambassador to Belize, Lissette Perez Perez, spoke to the media.

Lissette Perez Perez  – Cuba’s Ambassador to Belize

Belize sends off thirteen to study in Cuba

The Cuban Embassy hosted a farewell event for students who are leaving Belize to pursue studies in Cuba. The students were selected from a pool of about seventy applicants to form a part of this y ear’s cohort of the CUBA-CARICOM programme through which Cuba provides scholarships to citizens of its sister nations of the Caribbean Community. Students from Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean have benefitted from this program.

Celebrating 26 Years of Belizean-Cuban Cooperation in Medicine

Doctors, Nurses, Technicians and other medical personnel gathered at the Inspiration Center for the first Cuba-Belize medical symposium. The event was put together to mark twenty- six years since Cuba started partnering with Belize for medical work. Since then the assistance extended to Belize has expanded to include scholarships and other forms of medical aid. Andrea Polanco was at today’s symposium and shares how medical institutions and people of Belize have benefited from this cooperation with Cuba.

Belize and Cuba celebrate three decades of medical cooperation

Belize and the Republic of Cuba this week marked 26 years of a historic medical cooperation agreement between our two countries.

To commemorate the anniversary, the Embassy of Cuba in Belize held a medical symposium at the Inspiration Center at  mile 1.5 on the George Price Highway.

At the symposium, the embassy showcased the various sectors of the medical field, where the countries have collaborated over the years, as well as presentations from members of the Cuban medical corps, who work all over the country.

Ambassador of Cuba to Belize pays a courtesy call to the chief of the Belizean media.

Belize, March 21. 2017. Lissette Pérez, Cuba's Ambassador to Belize paid a courtesy call to the “The Reporter” newspapers main office located by the south off Belize City. Founded in 1967, “The Reporter” is considered the longest living in the written media of this sister nation that gained independence back in 1981.