Cuba in Barbados

Anniversary 60 of the Triumph of the Cuban Revolution and other ephemerides celebrated in Barbados.

Leaders of the solidarity movements with the ambassadors.

On January 1st the President of the Solidarity Movement with Cuba, David Denny and other local leaders of various progressive movements organized an activity in the town of Haynesville, Parish of St James, in Barbados, to commemorate the 60th Anniversary of the Triumph of the Cuban Revolution, the 115th Anniversary of the Independence of Haiti as a victory of the Haitian Revolution, and the last day of the celebration of Kwanza that honors the legacy of African migration to America, made by force through slavery and with the enormous cost in lives with which the colonial powers erected thei

The Governor General of Barbados bid farewell the Cuban Ambassador.

Her Excellency Dame Sandra Prunella Mason, Governor General of Barbados, bid farewell to the Cuban ambassador, Francisco Fernández Peña, and to the consul Ana Labaut, upon finishing their four-year diplomatic mission in the country. The occasion was propitious to exchange on the most relevant historical moments of bilateral relations, which will soon be 46 years since its establishment in 1972, as well as the current prospects for its development, which was ratified by the Governor when highlighting the first official meeting recently held in New York by the Prime Minister of Barbados, Mia Amor Mottley, and the President of Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez.

President of the Barbadian Parliament to receive the Ambassador of Cuba.

The Speaker of the House of the Barbadian Parliament, the Honourable Arthur Holder, accepted the courtesy call by the Cuban Ambassador, Francisco Fernández, to follow up initiatives previously discussed with the Deputy Speaker, the Honorable Gline Clarke, especially aimed at strengthening the bonds between both legislative bodies and contributing to the integral development of bilateral relations between both countries. To this end, a draft Resolution to support Cuba in its struggle for the lifting of the blockade was reviewed and there was consensus on the relevance of submitting to the assembly the decision to create a Parliamentary Friendship Group.

Fidel´s legacy is highlighted in Barbados linked to the Palestinian cause.

The organizations that make up the Movement of Solidarity with Cuba, this time led by the Caribbean Committee against Apartheid in Palestine, presided over by lawyer Lalu Hanuman, commemorated two historical dates of great significance: the 71st Anniversary of the illegal partition of Palestine and the second of the passage to the immortality of the historical leader of the Cuban Revolution, Dr. Fidel Castro. For the purposes of the first date an allegorical documentary was exhibited to the indiscriminate exclusion of the Bedouins in their own land, on the basis of which a debate was later generated to stimulate the exchange of information and the mobilization of public opinion around the Palestinian cause . The Cuban Ambassador was invited to speak on the legacy of Fidel, with emphasis on his contribution to the liberation of Africa and the right of the Palestinian people to have a sovereign and independent State.