Cuba in Barbados

Cuba wins second place in regional chess tournament in Barbados.

Cuba was represented by International Masters Karla Fernandez and Abel Fabián González in the Central American and Caribbean U-20 Chess´s Championship hosted in Barbados. In the 6-day tournament, whose champions were the Barbadian Orlando Husbands (male) and the Trinidadian Gabriela Johnson (female), the Cuban athlete Karla won the second place, half a point from the first, being the only one to defeated the champion in their bilateral fight.

Cuba is in a WTO training course in Barbados.

Two Cuban officials from the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment, Yanet Leon Lao and Julio Cabada Ferrera, participated in the XXI Regional Trade Policy Course for the Caribbean organized by the World Trade Organization (WTO) for two months in Barbados, in partnership with the Shridath Ramphal Center for International Trade, Law, Policy and Services (SRC).

Barbadian doctor chooses to do her specialty in Cuba.

As part of the ongoing cooperation between the government of Cuba and the member states of CARICOM, in particular as regards the health program and the granting of free undergraduate and postgraduate fellowships, the Barbadian doctor Erika Dionne Jordan chose to do her specialty In General Surgery free of charge, a benefit that Cuba guarantees free of charge exclusively for the professionals of the sister nations of the Caribbean. Due to the impossibility of certifying her studies or obtaining employment in the public health system of her country, Dr. Erika had to reside in St.

Barbadian Chancellery supports in the UN lifting the US blockade against Cuba.

The Barbadian government, through its chancellery, responded in positive terms to the note sent each year by the United Nations Secretary-General to the member states to express their views on the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States . To Cuba and its effects on that nation as well as on relations with the rest of the countries of the international community. Ms.

Cuban delegation in attendance to BMEX in Barbados.

A delegation composed of Milena Pérez, director of the Chamber of Commerce, and Miladys Ortega, director of the importing company ITH, attended the annual edition of BMEX-2107 made in early May. As part of their tight program, they held useful exchange meetings with several Barbadian companies, as well as with the board of directors of the Investment Development Corporation (BIDC), Chamber of Commerce and Industries (BCCI).