Cuba in Barbados

Protest in Barbados for the new Israeli massacre against the Palestinian people.

 The Committee against Apartheid in Palestine, led by lawyer Lalu Hanuman, in coordination with the Embassy of Cuba, called for an activity of public denunciation and floral offering for the victims of the most recent massacre committed by the Israeli army against the defenseless people Palestinian who caused hundreds of deaths and thousands of wounded during his just protest for the transfer of the US Embassy to Jerusalem, ignoring the dialogue and all resolutions of the UN General Assembly, cynically choosing the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Israeli state that caused the Nakba

Barbados present at the May Day celebrations in Cuba.

Two leaders of the Movement of Solidarity with Cuba (MSC) Robert "Bobby" Clarke and David Denny, formed the Barbadian delegation this year to the celebrations of May Day at the Plaza de la Revolución in Cuba, where they witnessed a massive parade of the workers and the Cuban people in general who ratified the confidence in the new direction of the state and in the confirmation of Socialism; on May 2, they attended the International Meeting of Solidarity with Cuba, held at the Palace of Conventions, in which they shared ideas and experiences with the more than a thousand delegates from all c

Cuban Ambassador answers an offensive editorial of Daily Nation.

Entitled "Revolutionary Cuba has much to share with the Caribbean", Cuban Ambassador Francisco Fernández sent an article to the Editor-in-Chief of the Daily Nation newspaper, Eric Smith, with a view to be published in the "Guest Column" section in response to his disrespectful editorial published on April 23 "Expect few changes in Cuba", in which not only a poor report on the recent elections in Cuba is delivered, but skewed analysis on CARICOM-Cuba relations is made, ending with a call for interfering actions on Cuban internal affairs that is very far from the respectful and solidary essen

Cuban consulting contract signed to introduce the Heberprot-P in Barbados.

Giving continuity to the first contract signed last February with the Cuban company Heberbiotec to introduce this Cuban biotechnology flag drug in Barbados, the executive director of Superior Pharmaceutical, Philip Springer, with the presence of one of its legal directors, Robert "Bobby" Clarke, during the Health International Convention, signed of a second contract with the Cuban Medical Services Holding (SMC) whereby two Cuban experts will carry out a one-year technical consultancy for the training of Barbadian personnel that will apply this treatment aimed at curing foot ulcers in patien

ACR "Martyrs of Barbados" holds its National Meeting 2018

The Association of Resident Cubans "Mártires de Barbados" held its 2018 National Meeting at the Embassy of Cuba in the City of Bridgetown, Barbados, on the 28th day of April, with the purpose of relaunching the patriotic work of our organization, to carry out the renewal of its directive and to approve later the projections for the immediate work, conscious of the need to stay united and in full capacity of solidarity with our country; In this regard, we welcome the excellent results of the recent elections held in our country, freely, independently and sovereignly, with the added value tha