Cuba in Barbados

The President of the Senate and Speaker of the House signed the Book of Condolences

The President of the Senate of Barbados, Hon. Sen. Kerryann Ifill and Speaker of the House of the Parliament, Hon. Michael Carrington, joined the high authorities of this sister nation in expressing their condolences for the death of the Leader of the Cuban Revolution. In their overall message they showed their appreciation for Fidel's voice in favor of social justice for Cuba, for our region and for the peoples of the world.

Solidarity Movement Barbados-Cuba broadcasts program for the death of Fidel.

The various organizations that make up the Solidarity Movement with Cuba in Barbados are protagonists with their active and permanent presence through several actions during the nine days of national mourning decreed in Cuba by the death of the historical leader of the Cuban Revolution. The Friendship Association, the Clement Payne Movement, the Israel Lovell Cultural Foundation, the Palestine Solidarity Committee and the Pan African Coalition have convened press conferences, TV panels, radio programs, have spread their human solidarity through the media And social networks.

Fidel´s Condolences Book opened at the Cuban Embassy in Barbados.

With the distinct presence of The Right Honourable Freundel J. Suart, Prime Minister of Barbados, and the Honourable Senator Maxine McClean, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, it was opened the Book of Condolences at the Cuban Embassy in Bridgetown for all those who may present their respects in tribute to the Commandant in Chief and Leader of the Cuban Revolution, Dr.

Statement by Cuba-Barbados Friendship Association

Before signing the Book of Condolences, comrade David Denny, President of Barbados-Cuba Friendship Association, delivered the following statement: “The Cuban Barbadian Friendship Association, Pan African Coalition of Organisations and the Caribbean Movement for Peace and Integration stand in Solidarity with the Government and People of Cuba and at the death of President Fidel Castro. President Fidel Castro is one of the world leaders that have defended the poor and powerless of the world and the African Liberation Struggles.

Chancellor of Barbados to sign the Book of Condolences.

The Barbadian Chancellor, Senator Maxine McClean, signed the condolences book at the diplomatic headquarters in Bridgetown, in the company of Prime Minister Freundel Stuart. In his message of condolences at the death of the Cuban Revolution leader, he wrote that Barbados has lost a friend and reiterated his first message verbally transmitted when he heard the news spread to the entire Cuban people, concluding that the ties of Friendship between both governments and peoples will continue to strengthen.