Cuba in Barbados

Farewell to the new Chief Mission of Barbados in Cuba

It was a great pleasure and privilege by the Cuban Ambassador and his wife to offer a friendly farewell lunch to Mr. Philip St Hill, current Chief protocol at MFA and recently appointed as the new Chief Mission of the Barbadian Embassy in Havana, who was accompanied by his spouse Stephanie.

Cuban Ambassador discloses benefits of social development in Cuba

Barbadian journalist Gale Welch invited the Cuban ambassador, Francisco Fernández, to his Saturday NGB radio program, which is broadcast on the 104,7 FM for one hour and is tuned to sister radio stations in the Caribbean, USA and Canada, to disseminate the benefits of the social system developed by the Cuban Revolution, including cultural, artistic, educational, sports and health aspects; accompanied by businessman Philip Springer, who has business with Cuba in the area of ​​health tourism, he explained to the audience the broad development of the biotechnology industry, in particular the b

The Cuban Vice-Chancellor is received by the Barbadian Chancellor.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade of Barbados, Honorable Senator Jerome Walcott, gave a friendly reception to the Cuban Vice Chancellor, Rogelio Sierra, during his bilateral visit to the country; moments before joining both to the meeting that will preside over the Prime Minister, the Chancellor invited the delegation, also integrated by the director of the Caribbean and Central America of the Cuban chancellery, Jorge Luis Mayo, and the Cuban ambassador to Barbados, Francisco Fernandez, to a tour of the Senate Chamber in which could be appreciated the heritage values ​​of th

Vice Chancellor Rogelio Sierra laid a wreath at the Monument of Emancipation.

Cuban Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Rogelio Sierra, laid a wreath at the Monument to Emancipation, where the statue of National Hero "General" Bussa rises, who led in 1816 the first rebellion of slaves in Barbados and in the Caribbean then dominated by the British Empire; accompanied by the acting Deputy Minister of Culture, Terry Bascombe, the newly appointed Chargé d'Affaires in Cuba, Philip St Hill, and several Barbadian friends of the Solidarity Movement with Cuba and local Pan-Africanist organizations, Deputy Minister Sierra gave statements to the media highlighting the visit mad

Cuban Vice Chancellor meets with his Barbadian counterpart.

The Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, Simone Rudder, received her Cuban counterpart, Rogelio Sierra, as part of the official visit he made to Barbados between June 9 and 11, accompanied by the Cuban Ambassador in Barbados, Francisco Fernández, and the director of the Caribbean and Central America in the Cuban chancellery, Jorge Luis Mayo.