Cuba in Barbados

Cuban Wrestling expert teaches course in Barbados.

Professor Julio Mendieta, head of Cuban wrestling coaches, was invited by the World Union of Wrestling (UWW) to provide an international course in Barbados, from 28 August to 4 September 2018, which benefited the Caribbean coaches. At the opening ceremony, the Executive Director of the National Sports Council (CND), Mona Alleyne highlighted Cuban cooperation in the subregion, while the President of the Barbadian Wrestling Federation, Rollins Alleyne, said this opportunity will lead to a new stage in the incipient development of this discipline in his country.

Two young Barbadians to study Medicine in Cuba.

Micha M. Waithe and James Stuart Robertson, the two Barbadian students benefited this year with scholarships to study at the Latin American and Caribbean School of Medicine (ELAM), received a warm farewell by the Cuban Consul in Barbados, Ana Labaut de Dios, before travel to Havana to begin the school year on September 3, 2018. Accompanied by their families and friends, they expressed their satisfaction for having received this special opportunity and committed themselves to overcome the difficult challenge before them. After signing off the code of ethics, the Cuban diplomat wished them the best successes in their career, with the aspiration that on a not so distant day they could serve their people; in this sense she recalled the essence of the thought of the historical leader of the Cuban Revolution, who was the architect of ELAM, with the noble purpose of serving the humble in all the developing nations of the world.

Minister Trevor Prescod leads Fidel's birthday celebrations in Barbados.

Barbadian Minister Trevor Prescod, Pan-African leader and profound admirer of Dr. Fidel Castro, was among the speakers gathered by the Barbados-Cuba Friendship Association (BCFA) to celebrate the 92nd birthday of the undefeated Commander in Chief, highlighting his legacy not only for Cuba but for the Caribbean, Africa and humanity, for which he appreciated the historic opportunity of having lived and worked under the imprint of his example and to see how the Cuban Revolution continues today to be victorious sharing its work among its sister nations. In an activity that featured the performance of the young artists Khalid Baston and Najumah Comissiong and the exhibition of the documentary "Prize for Virtue", which makes a very illustrative tour of Fidel's life, the Cuban ambassador Francisco Fernández thanked the tribute highlighting that this gift was joined to another very significant one that the Cuban people conferred on this same date, having initiated the period of citizen consultation on the project to amend the Constitution to reaffirm the validity of our Socialism and consolidate in its content the broad legacy of its artificer and most passionate defender

Minister of Health of Barbados supports cooperation programs with Cuba.

The Minister of Health and Welfare of Barbados, Jeffrey Bostic, accompanied by his deputy minister, June Chandler, and several directors who make up his team, comprehensively reviewed various feasible programs for their implementation taking advantage of the cooperation that Cuba offers, using different modalities to introduce in the country several biotechnological products such as Heberprot-P and vaccines against cancer among other advanced medicines, applying a technical assistance program to deal with Alzheimer's disease, and developing health tourism as well.

Barbadian government recognizes Cuban sports cooperation.

The Barbadian government decided to recognize Cuban sports cooperation and for this purpose a trophy of recognition was extended for the sixteen years of the presence of Cuban coaches in disciplines like athletics, boxing, cycling, hockey, swimming, table tennis and volleyball. In an act held at the National Sports Council headquarters (NSC), which was attended by the members of the Cuban sports mission, accompanied by several Barbadian trainers and NSC officers, its executive director, Jerry Blenman, highlighted on behalf of the minister of Culture and Sports, John King, the excellent results of this cooperation given the effort and perseverance displayed, both at the level of primary and secondary schools in the country, and in advising national federations and clubs in the aforementioned different modalities.