Cuba in Barbados

CARICOM-Cuba Ministerial Meeting Opens: The Caribbean is in Havana

The 5th CARICOM Ministerial Meeting - Cuba began this Saturday at the Hotel Habana Libre, with the objective of consolidating ties and strengthening the role of the mechanism as a platform for political dialogue, consultation and cooperation among the nations of the area.

How does Cuba cooperate with the Caribbean?

The Greater Caribbean is a well-defined geographic space, with a strategic position between North and South of Our America, with a common history, where small islands tighten intense cultural ties and cooperation.
The States that make up the Caribbean Basin have always remained among Cuba's main trading partners, they reached out to us when others tried to isolate us. The Greater Antilles do not forget it, and for that reason, the region is today one of the main areas of collaboration that the Cuban nation offers in the world.

Final Declaration V Meeting of Ministers of Foreign Affairs CARICOM-CUBA.

 We, the Ministers for Foreign Affairs of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) and the Republic of Cuba, meeting in Havana, Cuba, on March 11, 2017, on the occasion of the Fifth CARICOM-Cuba Ministerial Meeting, and in commemoration of the Forty-fifth anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the independent CARICOM States and Cuba and the Fifteenth Anniversary of Cuba-CARICOM Day;

Finalized CARICOM-Cuba Meeting: Integration as a common cause

The 5th CARICOM Ministerial Meeting - Cuba met on Saturday with the presence of 17 senior officials from the bilateral mechanism. In the capital Havana Hotel Libre, representatives of the region discussed key issues for integration, cooperation and sustainable development of the Caribbean.